Apple Removes Telegram App from App Store for Content Violation

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Messaging app Telegram has been removed from Apple’s app store for not being able to contain inappropriate content. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov tweeted that the Apple had alerted the messenger company that both Telegram and Telegram X has been booted out from the app store.

Apple Removes Telegram App from App Store

Apple Removes Telegram App from App Store 

Pavel further said that they are taking off the app from the store until the company has protections in place to regulate the content. The app will soon be available on the store with beefed security mechanism.

Telegram, though, hasn’t revealed the type of content Apple flagged. But our limited guess would be that it might be some pornographic material, abusive content, or missives from terrorist organizations that Apple deems breach of its content guidelines for the App store.

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In past as well, Telegram was under scanner for unintentionally being used to propagate offensive content. What makes it a safe heaven for cons is with unbeatable features such as 256-bit encryption, facility for large chats and feature called ‘Secret Chats’ whereby messages self-destruct after they’re sent.

British PM Theresa also pointed fingers at Telegrams once by saying that platform is prone to attacks from criminals and terrorists.

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