Ahead of iPhone X Launch, iOS 11.1 Brings New Emojis and Security Updates

Tech giant Apple released the latest iOS 11.1 update for its devices, notably iPhones and iPads.

Apple iOS 11.1 Update Released : New Emojis on Board

The highlights of the update are more than 70 new emojis and a much-needed security update that patches the KRACK Wi-Fi exploit. To recall, KRACK made iPhones and any other devices that connect to Wi-Fi vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Apple ios 11.1 update released

The emojis arrived in the update include star-struck and exploding-head smiley faces, a woman with a headscarf, a sandwich, a coconut, a T. rex, a zebra, a zombie and an elf.

Alongside iOS 11.1, WatchOS 4.1 update was also launched for Apple Watch users. Now Apple Watch users can stream music streaming and listen to radio via their smartwatch.

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The announcement is significant as Apple’s most anticipated devices iPhone X is almost ready to hit the shelves. The device happens to be the one with major phone redesign after Apple’s first iPhone launched a decade ago.

iPhone X will be coming without a Home button, instead will have Face ID and a flashy OLED display that stretches across the entire front of the phone.

Apple iOS 11.1 Update Released

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