Apple HomePod Smart Speakers Launched: Official Video

At WWWDC 2017, Tech conglomerate Apple has introduced its maiden range of smart speakers dubbed HomePod. The Apple HomePod  Smart Speakers are said to be the Apple’s ninja boy fielded against Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Apple HomePod  Smart Speakers: All That We Know

The main highlight of the device is its integration with Apple Music and Siri.

Siri in HomePod functions exactly what Alexa and Google Assistant do for their respective smart speakers. The company launched the HomePod speakers along with a video. The device may have a price tag of $350, bit expensive than the $229.99 price of the new Echo Show.

To offer listeners immersive sound quality, HomePod comes packed with a set of seven beamforming tweeters focused at sound quality. Together they deliver you consistent 360º audio experience. Using those beams, tweeters develop and spread immersive sense of space throughout the home.

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The video launched alongside the product shows how Apple music integration will give this device an edge. As video begins, we see someone off camera saying- “Hey Siri, play my favorites.” At the end of the video we hear music as the camera gives us a look around the HomePod.

Interested in buying Apple HomePod  Smart Speakers? You need to wait till December when HomePod will be launched officially.

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