Why AnyTrans iPhone File Manager Should Be In Your iPhone?

It’s a tedious and time consuming affair to organize your iPhone gallery that piles up bulky loads of messages, audio clips, videos, documents, browsing history and wacky screenshots. Wadding through them to find an important file can be a hard nut to crack.

AnyTrans iPhone File Manager : A Must Have iOs App

That’s where AnyTrans iPhone File Manager comes to your rescue. AnyTrans keeps your files organized and manages everything on your iPhone.

Easy File Transfer from Android to iPhone:

AnyTrans iPhone File Manager can easily transfer files from Android phone to your iPhone if you recently have chosen to switch to one. Using this user-friendly tool you can easily migrate all your messages, photos, videos, contacts, music and wallpapers to your new iPhone or iPad.

The app can help you in easy migration of content from old iPhone to new iPhone device.

Easy Syncing of Data to and from all Your Devices:

Beyond file transfer, AnyTrans iPhone File Manager is a handy tool to sync files from your Mac or PC to your iDevice. The app is simple to navigate and quickly sends photos or documents to your iPhone, or transfer a video from your iPad to your computer.

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AnyTrans iPhone File Manager

Can Help You Store Files at Desired Location:

With AnyTrans iPhone File Manager, you can choose the place where you want your files, photos, music, or documents to store when you send them to your phone via AnyTrans.  For an instance, a photo sent to your device via AnyTrans, will be stored in its own AnyTrans album. From there you can move your files from a desired location.

Easily Converts Files in iOs Compatible Formats:

Regardless of the file types of the files you send to your iPhone or iPad, AnyTrans will automatically convert everything you transfer into iOS compatible versions.

Allows iCloud Access:

If you multiple iCloud accounts, AnyTrans iPhone File Manager helps you manage them all from a single place. Using the application, you can sync files across all accounts. In addition, the app also allows you to manage and edit contacts data, notes, photos, videos and calendar events.

AnyTrans iPhone File Manager

Allows Video Download:

The highlight of the app is its ability to download videos from YouTuve, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Instagram. Just enter the URL of the desired vide, and your video is ready to download and share to all your Apple devices.

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AnyTrans iPhone File Manager

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