An Ultimate Marriage Proposal – An Amazing Short Story : Part 1

Maa put on the table not less than ten photographs of girls among whom I had to choose one for me. She was almost prepared to see me in a wedding sherwaani. But the question was what I wanted?

I wanted a girl, beautiful and intelligent.

Suddenly, a name struck in my mind : Tania. She is my friend from college days.

Was I looking for a bride like her?

She was intelligent enough to make any girl of our college feel envious to her. Only fault of hers was the dark complexion she was blessed with from her parents. In the life hounding crowd of façade, pyar, ishq and mohabbat, there were no takers of her intelligence. She got a good job through the campus selection and fortunately, I had her in my Facebook friend list.

I sent her a message.

“Tanya, are you online?” I asked.

“Yeah, searching for a good holiday package”, she replied.

“Means you are in a good mood”, I added.

Right, need my help?

Wow, you got it too early. I exclaimed.

Is it about someone special, some girl?’

Yeah, and last ultimatum from Maa too. She wants me to get married.

So, what’s the big deal? Go and get married.

That’s all right but I am clueless how to choose one from these many photographs.

Tell me the type of girl you are looking for, she asked.

She should be intelligent. But how can I judge one’s intelligence by just seeing photographs?

Ok, tell me, would you like to go for a girl who is intelligent but not beautiful? Though, I know the answer, but willing to get your response.

Yaar, what a kind of question this is? You are severing my nervousness.

Ok, leave it. Choose a few photographs from them. Then we will find out a suitable match for you.

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I shared the pictures with Tanya. She suggested me to meet each one of them separately, spend time with her and then secure an idea, which one is better. I surrendered to her idea and told her that once I will finalize a girl, we will meet. She nodded in acceptance.

I picked up the first bio-data. It was Tanvi from Bangalore.

Is this Tanvi?


Tanvi, Rahul this side. I have received your marriage proposal. I am in Infosys. Can we meet sometime?

Ok, alright Rahul.

What will be the good time to meet?

This Sunday evening!

Right Tanvi, I will be there at your office lobby by 6 evening.

She was looking different from what she looked in photograph. It seems the photograph was purposely clicked in a traditional outfit. Now, she was in a casual jeans-top and probably made her way to here directly from the office.

Hi Tanvi, how are you? I formally asked her.

I am fine. It’s our first meeting, so can we discuss the things on a serious note?


So tell me, what are you expecting from your future partner?

Tanvi, you are a well-educated and intelligent girl. You can easily judge a person. We are in good job and living an independent life. We can be a great pair too.

Tell me, what are you looking for? I asked Tanvi.

Look Rahul, we will achieve what we deserve. But, I am an ambitious girl. I have worked seriously hard to get all this luxury.

Luxury! Means car, flat, holidays?

I have all this but I need even more.


I would love to have our own software company.

I can’t promise, but will effort hard to get your dream fulfilled.

Rahul, don’t mind but I have no time for experiments. So, I would like to choose someone who has at least been trying to setting up a software firm since a couple of years, if not successful yet.

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I had no answer. I left the place.


After the meeting, I have realized that girls like Tanvi want to have a husband who could help them to taste the success. I discussed it with Tanya but probably she was not in the agreement with me.

Rahul, what’s wrong in that if a girl is seeing her future husband in a mentor’s role in her success.

Why to fight war using other’s shoulders? I asked.

How husband is an ‘other’ person? She fired another question in response.

Look Rahul, Tanvi is witty. She knows what she wants from the life. That’s it.


I picked up the second photograph. It was Rajni, a teacher in Bhopal.   PART- 2


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