An Ultimate Marriage Proposal – The Grand Finale

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

I called up her on the number given in the bio-data.

Hi Parul, my maa has handed me over your marriage proposal. Can we talk? I asked her.

Hi, thanks for the mail. But for marriage and especially with an Indian guy, I have my reservations. I couldn’t reach on any conclusion without a formal meeting with you. I am coming to Bangalore next week. I will mail you my accommodation details and timings. Rest we will fix there. She replied me with a long statement.

(In a restaurant at Bangalore South)

Parul was already there to meet me. She was as pretty and confident as she looked in the photograph.

What you would like to have? I started the conversation.

Soup, and then will decide for the lunch.  She told.

Ok. Are you coming to this city first time? I asked.

But she didn’t reply my question and instead started with her own statement.

Rahul, I am quite serious about my views. I am dating three boys simultaneously nowadays. Though, they belong to different backgrounds but at a point they all act in a very same manner.

Which point? I asked her slowly. (Her date with three guys stunned me already)

I will tell you but first you tell me the kind of girl you want. Parul enquired.

She should be independent and open to the views on different issues, I told.

That’s I am. You tell, for how long you are in Bangalore, Parul asked me again.

Almost 4 years.  I told her.

Have you ever invested in real estate?

Yes, why?

What’s the EMI?

It’s 40 thousands approximately.

Ever thought to invest in B-towns like Agra and Lucknow? Parul continued.


Why?  It would have an investment with low EMIs.

I believe security is the biggest factor in real estate investment. I can meet to my builder anytime if he is in the city I am. I have invested in Bangalore so can check the construction status anytime. I answered her.

Rahul, your research is superficial. I have already invested in Lucknow. Suppose we get married and I am willing to invest, what will you suggest me?

It depends where you want to invest.

That’s right. Now tell me if I am interested to invest with a builder in Bhopal who is new to the market but has a great market reputation and offers me good returns, what will you suggest?

I will discourage you to invest there.


Because, the builder is new to the market and may be a few of the project they delivered must have been completed on time. But he can’t be financially well.

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An Ultimate Marriage Proposal PART 1

If I still say it is ok then? Parul asked me again.

Then I will say that we should take a decision after marriage if we mutually agreed upon.

I if I say I am right and confident then? Parul again interrupted me.

I will try to stop you.

But it will be in the bad taste Rahul. If you are of a though that in 21st century I would waste my time to convince you to support my decisions, you are on the wrong side of the coin. If this will be the situation post wedding, we won’t be able to live it blissfully.

(With Tanya, at Café Coffee Day)

She laughed at me incessantly. She couldn’t control here amusement after getting all this from me.

So you are saying that all three possible matches your maa suggested were tickled your IQ? Is it?


Yes. They were quite different from each other. They had their own ways to live life. I am clueless if I could have managed a place in their lifestyle.

Rahul, everyone has his/her own aspirations with life. Parul, Tanvi and Rajni too had their. What’s wrong with that? They are witty in their own way. This all is the mindset an individual has for other individual.
She explained me all this with several sips of her coffee.

(I and Tanya happened to be the closest pals all along the college days. We had seen several good and bad times together though as a friend. She was the sole witness of my entire craze for so-called witty girls in college. She was the person who though never encouraged me to run behind the low-knee skirt stupid girls of my college but never stopped me too to do so. We shared notes; we shared coffee mugs; we shared valentine day dance floors and many other moments. Tanya always had been a top ranker of our college. Numerous trophies, accolades, and certificates were there to justify her witty character, but all in vain since she never worn skirts, low-waist jeans and sleeveless tops. And she was not so fair in color too. )

I turned up to her and asked, “When you are going to get married?”

Her eye balls rolled in a hurry towards me as they never expected such a question.

No idea, I am not even thinking of wedding and all. After papa, I had been through many problems. Thank god, Mummy was there to tender her full support from study to my job at Infosys. I have several responsibilities to fulfill. I too have so many dreams but need time to put them into the mirror. She replied.

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  An Ultimate Marriage Proposal PART-2

(So far, I was almost aware what I wanted. I had decided something. All through our talks we had finished 4- 5 cup of coffees. )

Should I order some snacks, will you have a few? I asked Tanya.

No. I am almost done.

Meanwhile, waiter came to us with the bill. We sipped coffee worth 533.00 INR. She took the bill and threw her eyes over if was calculating the amount.

“Will you marry me Tanya?” I finally opened my heart after years.

What? She uttered in sheer trepidation.

“Will you marry me Tanya?” I repeated again as I was firm to the question.

She was still calm and quite as my question hardly baffled her.


But I am not witty Rahul. She finally broke her silence. You are looking for a witty girl who is intelligent and pretty. Am I right?

Don’t tease me. I got it all wrong, I know.

“Will you marry me Tanya?” It’s the 3rd time when I chanted the line.
(Finally, she smiled as if my proposal was irresistible.)

Ok Rahul, give me some time to think about. I have to mull up a lot. And yeah, listen, give me 33 rupees. It was a treat from my side and I have 500 rupees only cash in my wallet.

Will you borrow a sum of thirty three rupees to your witty girl? She asked and started laughing.

I was seeing a girl, no, a pretty girl who was more than beautiful, intelligent and undoubtedly, a witty one.

————————————————- IT’S THE BEGINNING ———————————

Story: An Ultimate Marriage Proposal

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May 14, 2015 6:25 am

can I use your proposal picture for a coming soon page we are developing for our startup? It looks great! Let me know. Thanks!

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