Amazon Integrates AR Shopping Feature to its iOS App

Guess the immediate dilemma when you go to buy furniture online. The questions that wade through your mind might be- if the item would match your wall paint or if it would fit into space available in your dining, and so on.

Amazon AR Shopping View Feature Arrives

Amazon AR Shopping View Feature


Since furniture is bulky and heavy, it isn’t simply possible to articulate online properly if post delivery it would be an ideal purchase.   Amazon, the giant e-retailer brings a solution to this. Amazon brings an innovative new feature called AR View to enable customers visualize online products in their own living space using their smartphone camera.

The feature launched today for the Amazon app users on iOS platform.  With AR View, customers can view thousands of products in augmented reality before making a final buying decision.

This isn’t the first occasion when Amazon introduced AR in its app. Way back, the company launched AR stickers to allow customers access shoppable stickers. Though, they were not that useful and represented a limited product set.

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AR or Augmented Reality is especially helpful when you are buying furniture, as it would be really difficult to imagine if the item will really look right in your home. This is why increasing number of furniture retailers have started AR implementation.

Amazon’s new AR View feature works around Apple’s ARKit – software. The software allows third-party developers to add AR functionality to their mobile apps.

To use Amazon AR Shopping View Feature in the Amazon app, you must be using iPhone 6S or higher, on devices running Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 11.

Amazon AR Shopping View Feature

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