Amazon Acquires Smart Doorbell Maker Ring

A report published in GeekWire reveals that tech giant Amazon has acquired Ring, maker of smart home doorbells, cameras, and security systems.

Amazon Acquires Smart Doorbell Maker Ring

For the acquisition that’s to be announced today, Amazon paid more than $1 billion, claims Reuters. The acquisition will help Amazon fuel its growth in the emerging in-home delivery and in-home services market.

To recall, Amazon kicked off its in-home delivery service Key and Cloud Cam in October 2017. The acquisition is likely to amplify company’s plans to expand Alexa to more smart home devices.

Amazon spoke to the Verge and said:

“We’re excited to work with this talented team and help them in their mission to keep homes safe and secure.”

It’s very likely that with the emphasis on security, Amazon is buying Ring to integrate more home surveillance features onto its Echo line of smart speakers and Cloud Cam product.

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This is a big step forward by Amazon as its fellow player Google is also trying to consolidate Nest into its hardware team and add Google Assistant to more of its smart home products. Recently, Nest IQ Cam Indoor received Google Assistant support.

This is Amazon’s second smart home acquisition after the Blink, another smart doorbell company that Amazon acquired recently.

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