All About a Career In Big Data And Hadoop

As the world is becoming increasingly technical, the importance of Big Data and Hadoop has become the new frontier in the coming decade. You can take it as two roads: one is most traveled and the other one is least used.

Which would you prefer to become successful?

Obviously, the least utilized one.

The new buzzing word in technology is ‘Big Data’, which has come up with plenty of vacancies that are to be filled by 2030.

The revolution brought by Big Data is of extreme importance, as the need to store data is not going to stop.  But, due to lack of skilled people in this industry, the organizations are suffering the most.

Hadoop Certification is not easy to earn, but it would improve your chances of getting a job in Big Data and Hadoop fields. To enter into data analyst job, here are some points that you can follow:

Career Paths after Big Data

Machine Learning Researcher

In this job role, you’ll have to manage the application of statistical analysis. The professional will demand from you to work as a practitioner, who can leverage the data by creating & using the predictive tools. Skills Required: Understanding of machine learning processes and knowledge of programming algebra & calculus and statistics.

Solutions Expert

These professionals are Analytic Architects, hence they need to understand the problems and find an appropriate analytical framework to solve them, using the right skills.

Data Management Professional

The Data Management experts need to play one of the most dedicated roles. They need to manage data & infrastructure. You will need the skills, such as SQL, NoSQL databases, Apache Spark, and Apache Hadoop.

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Expert Programmer

Programmers require the know-how to conduct statistical & numerical analysis for huge datasets. The professionals need to have hands-on expertise in languages like C++, Java, R, and Python. The tools like HIVE, Scala, SQL, and R also need to be mastered. These programmers need to solve the database queries frequently.

Business Analyst

The role of business analyst is to manage the data through pulling it, managing it and designing the infrastructure. You need to have relational & non-relational interactions with databases including the Big Data frameworks.

Skills required to become an analyst are – mastery of relevant tools, knowledge of data warehousing &, NoSQL databases, relational, databases SQL.

Major Skills Needed for Big Data:

You need to have dozens of technical and business skills along with knowledge of programming languages. To explain quickly, you need:

Technical skills

Statistical Skills, Data Mining and Analytical Skills, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Big Data Platforms like Hadoop and Spark, Software Programming Data Science with Python, SAS or R.

Business skills

Business Analysis, Creativity, Communication, Problem Solving Approach.

Programming Languages

NoSQL, SQL, Python, Scala, PHP and Java

Apache Spark & Apache Hadoop

Knowledge of basic Hadoop stacks like Oozie, HBase, Hive, Pig, Flume, YARN, MapReduce, and HDFS.

Sectors That Need Big Data Professionals

Big Data has enough scope to locate all the Big Data professionals in every country which buzzes with IT. They are preferred in sectors like transportation, health care, social media, advertising, marketing, manufacturing, hospitality, e-commerce, insurance, banking and many others. Within 2020, the number of jobs for Big Data analysts and professionals would profoundly increase.

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Common Certifications To Enter Into Big Data Field:

There are various certifications for specific competencies in this field. Some of the most common certifications are:

  • Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP-DS)
  • SAS Certified Predictive Modeler
  • EMC: Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)
  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

 Salary Distinction

Professionals in this field can expect impressive salary, but it may range according to the company, country, and experience. Basic salary paid to Data scientists is on an average Rs 620,244 per year in India.

Within 2 years, there would be plenty of jobs for the certified professionals, specializing in these domains. You can occupy these jobs only by having relevant skills which can be gained by Hadoop Course and Big Data Courses.

Team BR