Airbnb is Launching Split Payment for Group Trips

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Airbnb is launching a new feature to allow split payments for group trips. The company started testing this feature earlier this year. The new part payment system will allow 16 people on a single reservation to pay their individual dues.

Airbnb Launches Split Payment Feature

The feature is pretty straight forward. When a trip organizer asks for reservations under split payments system, the reservation is marked as “awaiting payment”. The system then deducts organizer’s portion of the payment from the card and allow remaining members of the group 72 hours to log on to Airbnb and pay their part.

Airbnb Launches Split Payment Feature

As soon the system goes live, a single reservation can allow split payment for up to 16 people in one go.  As per Airbnb, even before booking, organizers can put reservations on hold for group trips for up to 72 hours.

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The feature seems significant for two noted reasons. One, Airbnb recently acquired payments startup Tilt earlier this year, and two, the feature has consistently been the most requested feature for the platform for a while.

Though, allowing part payments won’t solve a lot of user problems, opening up new models of payment.

Airbnb Split Payment Feature

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