Big Blow To Google+, AdWords Drops Google Plus Count Form Ads

This could be seen as another attempt from Google to downsize its ailing social network. If reports are true, Google starts informing advertisers that they are dropping the social extensions from Google ads today.

The company said they are discontinuing the Google+ follower counts on the brand. Now the social signals that appear next to your ads and show how many Google+ followers your website has, have been removed.

AdWords Drops Google Plus Count Form Ads

Google wrote in its blog post:

Social extensions will no longer show with ads on Google Search and search partners starting December 10, 2015. We encourage you to explore all relevant ad extensions to highlight important aspects of your business. If social presence remains important to your business, you can continue highlighting this information using sitelinks or callout extensions.

These social signals show the follower count your brand had on Google+ and would sometimes lead to higher click through rates.

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AdWords Drops Google Plus Count Form Ads

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