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Microsoft is an organization that always takes part in producing products that aid the development of the field of IT and databases. Microsoft together with Sybase has extended the SQL (Structured Query Language) and produced Transact SQL which is used to deal with relational databases. SQL statements are used to perform tasks like updating or retrieving data on a database.

This is very useful for large scale organizations that deal with heaps of data. And to use transact SQL in those organizations, employers need to hire experts in it. So how can an employer find out whether the interviewees are Transact SQL experts? Yes, it is through certification.

From this article, you’ll know the most essential information about one of the most in-demanded MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development credential.

MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certification

Microsoft offers a wide variety of certifications in three levels of expertise, namely Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. The Microsoft Certification badge in SQL 2016 Database Development refers to the MCSA level and proves your skills in handling databases.

It’s an ideal choice to get a position of a database developer. To earn this certification, you are required to pass two exams. They are:

  • Exam 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL
  • Exam 70-762: Developing SQL Databases

Since this article is devoted to 70-761 exam, let’s find out about the exam basics, how to prepare for it, and the benefits you can attain through SQL certification.

Exam 70-761 Details:

This exam is the first one in the series of two that you have to pass on your way of becoming MCSA certified. The topics you will be tested on in 70-761 exam are:

Manage data using Transact-SQL (40–45%)

  • Creating SELECT queries with Transact-SQL
  • Using joins to query multiple tables
  • Implementing functions and aggregation of data
  • Data modification
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Query data using advanced Transact-SQL features (30–35%)

  • Using subqueries and APPLY to query data
  • Using table expressions to query data
  • Using queries to group and pivot data
  • Querying non-relational and temporal data

Using Transact-SQL to program databases (25–30%)

  • Using Transact-SQL to create database programmability objects
  • Implementing error management and transactions
  • Implementing NULLs and various data types

As for the exam details, you will have 40-60 questions to be answered within 120 minutes. They type of questions present in the test include case studies, review screen, hot area, best answer, build list, multiple choice to mention a few. To get a better idea about the format of questions you can try out Microsoft 70-761 exam dumps from

Preparing for 70-761 exam

Microsoft is a renowned organization that is known for its high standards. Thus it is expected to keep up with the best standards when it comes to its certifications as well. This is a reason why Microsoft certification exams, including 70-761 test, can be rather tough to crack. To help you better prepare and ace exam 70-761 Microsoft has made available the following resources:

Instructor-led training

Their instructor-led training comes in two options which are on-demand and classroom training. The first option is suitable for candidates who have a busy and erratic schedule. It is self-paced and you are able to access it for a period of three months. The classroom training is for individuals who require more guidance in studies. It is carried out through a period of five days giving you the opportunity to interact with your instructor directly.

Online training

There is a free 6-week course that you can follow. It will be covering all areas required to master in order to ace your 70-761 exam.

Practice test

You can purchase the official practice test for 70-761 produced by Microsoft to get a better understanding of what is waiting for you at the exam.

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Microsoft recommends the Exam Ref 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL book written by Itzik Ben-Gan.

Apart from Microsoft resources, you can also use other resources like Youtube tutorial videos, online forums dedicated to 70-761 exam, exam dumps from reliable sites like

Such dumps include the most recent exam questions and answers, so you can check your readiness for the test, find the topics you need to focus on and practice. Note, that at ExamSnap you can get both free and paid dumps for 70-761 test provided in the vce format that are opened on the VCE Software.

This tool simulates the real exam environment and helps you to see the structure of the test, complete various types of exam questions and improve your results. To add more, you can practice with as many times as you want.

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