7 Tips to Create Attractive Exit Pop-Ups

Conversion rate optimization is an important parameter to measure for a website and only optimized sites can yield high rates. When you browse websites, you will find many sites screaming to be optimized, obviously, such sites are not using CRO at its fullest potential.

Exit Pop-Ups That Would Increase Engagement

Create Attractive Exit Pop-Ups

When you design a business site, you will need your users to be more engaged which means you will have to resist their urge to leave the site by providing an exit pop-up that makes them want to engage or stay back on your site.

We have listed below a few tips to create attractive exit pop-ups that would result in engagement: 

1. Give Irresistible Offers:

When your users are exiting your website, providing them with offers which they cannot resist will make sure that they engage with you.

You can give them discounts or giveaways for sign-ups. The more your offers attract them, the better the rate of engagement you can expect. Most websites use this strategy to gain customers as people are always looking to get some special advantage or discount when they visit a brand.

2. Come Up with a Creative Call to Action Caption:

Using a usual ‘Sign up now’ is old and cliché, use something more creative and out of the box so that it grabs the attention of the user and create some emotions in them so that they would want to click on it. To gain the maximum out of CRO you will have to stand-out and do something different than what everyone else does and it should be in line with your brand image.

3. Avoid any Distractions:

Pop-ups can be of two types, one that is full screen and will hide the entire website underneath and the next which only hides a part of the website.

When your users see a pop up on your site, you would want them to only look at the pop up instead of getting distracted by the text underneath, hence, use the first option as the conversion rate would increase.

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Make sure to use transparent background pop-ups so that they know they are still on your page and have not been redirected to some other page.

If you do not believe us, test this by A/B testing to analyze the conversion rates of various pop-ups using web analytics tools and you can figure out what works best for your site.

4. Use ‘NO’ to Your Advantage:

When your visitors’ exit, you can interestingly use phrases that contain ‘No ‘ to discourage them from leaving your site. Many websites use this for their advantage and it actually works. Phrases like ‘No, I don’t want more traffic’ or ‘No I don’t want more business’ are some perfect examples to look up to.

5. Use Graphics to Gain Attention:

Using a plain pop-up may look neat but boring, rather use some graphics which goes along with your brand and gains user attention.

The more interesting they find your sign-up efforts, the more they would want to engage with the website. The graphic should shock them in a good way, be unexpected and excite them so that they would not want to leave.

6. Do Not Force Your Visitors:

It is mandatory to give your users the option to close the exit pop-up if they are not interested. This is something they have not asked for so it should be their choice whether they wish to engage or not.

You also should not irritate the repeated users by forcing pop-ups again and again. Custom it such that it does not appear again and again if the repeated users have clicked the ‘NO’ option and for those who have already signed up.

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7. Detect Referrals to Add a Personal Touch:

Creative and personalized exit pop-ups based on individual users using the right tools can actually make the users feel as if they are being given special attention.

Detecting the referring websites from which they have come to your page and creating different exit pop-ups based on that will give the users personal experience which will encourage them to engage with the site.

In Conclusion- Experiment What Actually Works for the Site:

You cannot blankly decide an exit pop up and stick to it, instead, you will have to use various designs and offers to experiment with what works best for the site.

One pop up may work good for a site but copying the same for another site may not yield good results because the same size does not fit all in the world of website design.

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