7 Things Employer Will Search for In Your Digital Marketing Resume

To say that our world has become a digital-inclined one is to say the least. We are in a world that is lives on digital technology. Lucky for you, you are interested in not only one of the most lucrative jobs in the world today but also one who demands supersede the supply.

While all that is great, if you think that you can lose your guard and be mediocre, then you should think twice. Businesses and organizations are interested in your skills as a digital marketer, but they are more interested in your ability to help them. And you must show them you can with every opportunity you have – starting from your resume.

7 Things Your Digital Marketing Resume Must Have

You are a digital marketer in pursuit of global domination and relevance; then, you must put in the effort right on your resume. This will not only get you a seat in the interview room but also speaks good things for you before the recruiter.

So, what are the important things recruiters are looking for in your resume, and how do you wow them before they even meet you? Let’s go through seven of those ways to improve your already elegant digital marketing resume. Not only will it help you beat the competition, but it will also help you land your dream job.

1. Tailor your resume to fit the role and company culture

This looks obvious, but it is important. While you should have a rough template of your resume, never send a resume out without making a few tweaks to fit the exact role you are applying for and the culture of the company.

Doing that tells the recruiter that you have done your research and are indeed interested in the job. So, don’t make throwing your resume into the trash bin easy for the recruiter. Before sending the resume, put yourself in the shoe of the recruiter and ask questions like;

  • Does this resume meet the job recruitment?
  • Is the culture of the company taken into consideration?
  • Is this resume unique for this role? And many others alike.

After you must have understood what the company stands for and the exact role you are applying, then you should include all relevant information to the resume. By then, your resume will be truly fortified.

2. Highlight results with quantitative data

Not only is our world digital-driven, but it is also data-driven, and you should use that to your advantage. You are expected to be an effective marketer, now show that in your resume. Recruiters aren’t only interested in your achievements in your past roles, but they also want to know your exact impact on the jobs. Show them by quantifying your accomplishments.

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For instance, instead of saying, “I created social media accounts for the brands and helped them reached their potential customers,” say, “I created social media accounts for 14 brands in 2019 and generated 2M followers within three months.”

When you use quantitative data, your results sound valid and are measurable, giving the recruiter an idea of what you can do. Big organizations also make use of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that scans resumes, and part of the things this software is looking for is quantitative data.

3. Include links to your work

One thing you should know is that recruiters aren’t dull people. They know that anyone can put words together and say they increased a brand’s market share and revenue by 45% within 24 months. The point here is that you should add links to your work.

Add hyperlinks to working examples to validate your professional achievements. Doing that tells the recruiter two things, the first is that you have a fundamental knowledge of digital marketing practices like backlinking and anchor text. And the second is that you will deliver results.

For instance, if you mention in your resume that you created a blog post that did better than previous posts in a similar campaign by 34%, then you should add a hyperlink to the post to confirm that your information is legit.

4. Showcase your awards and certifications

Awards and professional certifications showcase knowledge and inspire knowledge. Your goal should be to make sure that your resume stands out of the crowd and get you a seat in the interview room. And to ensure that happens, include relevant awards and professional certifications you have in your resume.

These certifications will make prospective employers trust you and strengthen your resume with no end. Employers also believe that those who never stop learning have a higher potential of growing and evolving with their organizations.

5. Be human and showcase your personality

Most job seekers like to think their resume has to be “tight” on all ends, forgetting that employers and recruiters are humans, after all. Beyond your professional experience, ensure your resume speaks about who you are. Let the employers have an idea of the kind of person you are even before they meet you.

Now, one effective way to do that is to research on your prospective employers before submitting your resume. Understand the company culture and take time to go through social media accounts and blog posts to understand their view towards some things you might be interested in.

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Having gotten that, now adopt that style. Write your statement or summary in a way that connects with them. If the company supports a cause that you are interested in, you can mention that professionally and creatively.

6. Have a simple education section

You have the highest CPGA in your class and received numerous awards on your convocation – congratulations. While that might be exciting, if it isn’t relevant to the job role, it is better to leave it out. One thing you should avoid is your education section taking too much space in your resume. Lots of people make the mistake already; don’t join them.

What I have found out is that most recruiters and employers aren’t exactly interested in your educational background; they rather want to see if you can perform the job duties excellently.

7. Format your resume wisely

After you must have done the things mentioned above, you may shoot yourself in the leg if you don’t format your resume appropriately. You know what they say about moderacy being the key to all endeavors, well it is applicable here too. Format your resume, but don’t overdo it.

Ensure your resume is easy to read and well-formatted. Make every section stands apart, and each section title is boldened. You can add a little color to the resume if you want, but make sure the main text is black. Your fonts are also important. You can be a bit creative about it, but don’t go overboard.

In the end, you will agree that digital marketing is a competitive discipline, but it is possible to stand out from the crowd. Take these seven things seriously and you can be sure you will in the interview room sooner rather later.

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