7 Steps to Writing a Perfect Blog Post

As a blogger, you need to ensure that every post you publish is top-notch. This means that you have to dedicate time to polishing your skills. Writing is a skill that can be learned over time. The more you write, the better you become at it.

Steps to Writing a Perfect Blog Post

Blogging is easy because you specialize in something specific. This means that over the years, your posts become easier and easier to write. This is why choosing a niche you’re interested in quite important.

Through specialization, you’ll be in a position to offer your reading audience comprehensive solutions to their problems. A blog that meets its reading audience at their point of need is bound to thrive.

Make sure that your blogs are not only educative but interactive and entertaining as well. People not only want to learn something new but also have an amazing browsing experience while on your blog.

Excellent blog posts boil down to how well you can write. Every blogger needs to strive for better each time they’re working on an article. Aside from rectifying all grammatical errors, make sure your articles are relevant and relatable as well.

Since people have such busy lifestyles, they don’t have time to waste on articles that don’t add value to their lives.

Here are seven steps to follow when writing your articles to ensure you achieve the perfect blog post.

Make your Blog Post Convincing

Before a person chooses to read an article, they must have been convinced that the piece is worth their time. How do you convince your reading audience to click on that link? Well, to begin with, you have to write a catchy headline, and it shouldn’t be cliché because this will only repel readers.

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Look for a heading that gives your audience just enough information to make them curious about what your article is about.

Another guaranteed way of convincing readers to read your article is by writing an impressive introduction. People will determine whether or not they’re read your article judging from your articulation in the introduction.

Have a One on One Conversation with Your Audience

Even though it is clear that you’ll be addressing several people, make sure you write like you’re talking to a close friend. This way, each reader will have a personalized experience when interacting with your articles.

This is an excellent way of meeting people at their points of need and offer them a solution tailored to their situation. You never know how many people are going through the same struggle. A conversational approach also gives your audience the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with your writings.

Keep Your Writing Focused

If you’re writing an article about how to improve reading skills, you should keep it focused on just that. Jumping to other topics is quite confusing for the reader. This also applies when you’re working on an assignment. If you have a hard time keeping the flow of the essay, seek help from write my essay.

To make sure your writing is focused, consider reading it out loud once you’re done the writing. Listening to your thoughts out loud helps you figure out if your writing naturally flows.

Make your Articles Scannable

Many people have to scan articles first before they decide to read it. Presenting your article as one long block of text makes it quite hard for readers to scan through. Many will abandon your site because such articles are intimidating, and they discourage website visitors from reading.

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To make your article scannable, use short paragraphs with short sentences. Also, make use of bulletins and subtitles to break up your text.

Make your Content Shareable

Every blogger wants readers to share their articles. Aside from including social sharing buttons, ensure you deliver articles that are worth sharing.


Whether you’re writing about a familiar topic or a technical, the first thing you should do before writing is research.

Polish your Work

This involves thorough proofreading and editing before you publish the article.


These simple steps will help you to be the best you could ever be at blogging.

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