7 Reasons Why You Need An Echo Spot

Amazon released a whole new Echo lineup last month. Prior to this, Amazon had the original Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Dot, the Echo Tap, the Echo Show, and the Echo Look.

Why You Need An Echo Spot: 7 Reasons-

The new lineup includes the Amazon Echo Spot, which is similar to the Echo Dot in size with the features seen in the Echo Show. If you’re in the market for a new Echo product, this article explains why you need to pick up an Echo Spot.

Why You Need An Echo Spot

1. It’s a Clock Radio for the Modern Era

Despite all of the major advances in technology, a lot of people still rely on their clock radio to help them get out of bed and track time generally. The Echo Spot is perfect for anyone who craves the Alexa voice service with a visual cook.

Owners of the original Echo are required to ask Alexa for the time. This requires speaking clearly—and sometimes it’s easier to look at something first thing in the morning rather than speak.

The Echo Spot is small enough to put in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Thanks to its four-way directional microphones, it’ll pick up voice commands easily. But with the touchscreen, users can also scroll through items on screen too.

2. It Does Everything the Echo Show Does

When it was first released earlier this year, the Echo Show looked cool. But for those who already own an Echo, it presented a conundrum because they would essentially replace their Echo. The Echo Spot solves this conundrum by doing everything that the Echo Show does. But it can also be added to an existing Echo household at a lower price point.

It plays music and sound by connecting via Wifi and Bluetooth to all of the usual services and devices. Plus it connects with any existing Echos for a multi-device sound experience.

3. It Makes Video Calls

Video calling is a modern marvel of technology but it can be a little bit awkward to do outside of a desktop or laptop. The Echo Spot solves this problem easily. It offers hands-free video calling meaning that there is nothing to hold especially if you’re in bed. This means a more stable view of the person on the other side of the call and less hassle for you, too.

4. It Doesn’t Require an Existing Speaker

The Amazon Echo Dot is a very popular version in the Echo lineup because it is $49.99. So as long as you have an existing Bluetooth speaker to connect it to, you can have access to to the Alexa voice service for a fraction of the cost.

But the Echo Spot now trumps this deal by offering a speaker of the same size that provides access to audio and video using Wifi and Bluetooth. This makes the Spot far more versatile in terms of what it can do and where it can go.

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5. You Can Use it at Work

While the Echo Spot is being marketed as a device for the home, it is also discreet enough to be used at work provided internet access is available. Just as it provides all the capabilities of the Echo Show, it also does everything a regular Echo will.

So if you listen to the radio while you’re working or just need the assistance of Alexa throughout the day, the Echo show sits unobtrusively on your desk and provides a screen if you need it too.

6. It Plays Music, Podcasts, Books, and News (and TV)

One of the best parts of the original Echo is that it has access to services like Audible, Pandora, Tune-in and others via Wifi connection.

However, if it’s also being used as a Bluetooth speaker for another device like a computer to provide audio, it cannot do both at the same time. The Echo disconnects from Bluetooth whenever WiFi services like an audiobook are requested.

So if you’re in the market for another Echo device without breaking the bank, the Echo Spot is a great option. It’ll provide the services desired over Wifi without needing to disconnect it from another device.

Bluetooth has trouble connecting with devices at times after being disconnected. Having a second device saves both time and hassle.

Another bonus is that the Spot also plays Video from sources like Amazon Video. It’s not an ideal device to watch from with such a small screen. But if you’re sitting in bed or in another room of the house without a TV or tablet, you can finish watching a TV show.

This is particularly useful for anyone who likes watching something in the tub and is afraid of getting a tablet wet.

7. It Inspires Connection with Family, Friends and Your Home

When video was first introduced in the Echo Show, it was billed as a way to connect with friends and family.

This may not have been enough of an inducement for current Echo owners to buy it. But since the Spot can be seen as an extension of an existing Echo’s range and capability, picking one up makes more sense.

Not only can the Spot call friends or family for a video chat, but it can also control your home. Original Echo owners are already used to having it as a way to control smart lights and other home devices.

The Echo Spot is the perfect device for anyone needing to extend their smart devices into another part of the house. It’s small, has smart connection capability, and makes your home as smart as you want it to be.

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The Echo Spot could be a truly modern marvel. Since it is still in pre-order status, it is difficult to say how successful it will be until it is released in December.

But based on the success of the current Echo lineup, it is safe to say that consumers will want to try it and will most likely appreciate the idea of a smaller Echo Show at home or work.

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