7 Laravel – related Things You Need to Learn to Get Clients

Getting clients tends to be the sole motive of any serious business. Getting tips and tricks to make them trust you and build a relationship with you is an opportunity worth grabbing with both hands. There are many resources, which will surely help you to learn Laravel, does that not sound interesting? If it does.

The next question that comes handy is that how do we choose the best one? There are seven effective tips that will surely help you learn each and every bit about Laravel to get more and more clients. 

Try not starting with the official Documentation –

Newcomers mostly tend to fall for the official Laravel Documentation. The documents are undoubtedly exceptional and amazing; even then, it is not recommended to start with the same is it comes with an expectation that you know the ABC of PHP ecosystem and many modern tools like it.

The first section of any documentation is Installation. However, in the official documentation of Laravel, it is not just download and install it is a whole process to look after. The second tip will make your usage of the official Laravel documentation easy and hassle free.

Learn PHP, OOP, Composer and terminal to start with –

The stronger the root and lush the tree would be. The same story goes with Laravel as well. Without having any knowledge about PHP, one must not risk to start directly with the official documentation of Laravel. Do not try this fooling trend and learn the fundamental basics to start with.

Before we start with any framework like Laravel and symphony we need to be a master of PHP, to be specific the object – oriented programming as mostly all the frameworks are been written in the OOP mode. In addition, one must be clear with the facts related to properties, objects, classes, methods, traits etc.

Composer, another master in the list. The PHP was great after it had Composer tool. Laravel Dependencies could easily be created if you have engineered the art of the tool named Composer.

A modern PHP framework use command for many of its functionalities like generating codes, change in settings, running developments, installing libraries and more. Knowing the basics is the key.

This is a must know before you take a step forward towards Laravel. It might sound like a mountain; however, it is easy if someone has the zeal to learn.

How to learn – books, videos, courses, any other?

It is the most asked question – as per an opinion, it is completely your own choice. Whatever makes you more comfortable is your friend. Some like reading, some like full – fledged programmes and some are happy getting all the details from YouTube. It is absolutely up to you to choose how to learn the Framework.

All you need to know is that you have to be open – minded and choose the best books, courses or videos that help you know the desired detail. As if the structure of the course is not well fabricated, it will be of no use to you. A step – by – step process is what you should actually look for.

You can get free as well as premium lessons online. It is up to you, which you opt for according to the knowledge you want to have an access on. Alternatively, how much you already know about the same.

Less reading more writing –

You remember when we were learning number systems and alphabets our moms and teachers always made us write what we learned. We grew up but this method remains the same. After you have done reading and understanding. Now it is the turn to start jotting down the codes and design a few frameworks.

If you spend too much time reading then you would have a great amount of Theoretical knowledge, but the practical phase would take a back seat. Finish a lesson and try to apply what you have just came across so that you master the art of whatever you have just learned. Try creating a test Project to self – access yourself and know how much you have learned through the lessons. Reading and writing should go hand in hand for the best possible results.

Learn using Google and Stack Overflow –

While it is not completely related to Laravel, it tends to be important. Google usage seems to be very easy and handy. However, the search process should be deeper for people who are learning about the fundaments of Laravel.

The use of Stack Overflow will be used in a similar way. Their results usually flash on the first page of the google entities. Google search is always based on first and second page. However, this should not be the learning style. One must take some time out and spend on google to find the apt and relevant information.

Not just searching but also questioning in the right way will help you attain the right answers. Every forum has its own set of culture, behaviour, and rules. One must be quite, reliant and respectful if they seek help.

Always have an Adviser to your rescue –

Learning programming is not an easy task and we understand that. This tip will act as a lifesaver. We always need someone to take up the charge when we are caught up in something while learning. An adviser, mentor or a confidant will make your work easier, for you will know there is someone to turn up when something is not working.

A local or an online tutor will help you with all the problems and the need of such pal is a must have when you are learning a process of programming and coding. Do not be shy and get in contact with people who can be of great help to you while you are in a learning process.

Find them on twitter or Facebook, stalk them (positively), get their e – mails and you are good to go.

Giving up is never an option –

Always be a person who is there to learn and giver give up. When we are learning something, we are sure to come up front with a lot of issues and troubles. We must shun them off and not tend to give up on any of our learning processes mid – way. It is easy to give up but to learn and gain knowledge is a work of a smart person and we must continue whatever may come to skill ourselves and become professional developers.

It is not always flowers and rains, we also come through thorns and droughts and we shall know how to handle them rather than running away from them. Do not take long breaks as well in your learning sessions as it will make you forget what you last practiced. Be continuous and robust, no matter what stone or hills you will have to climb.

After you are done with the learning process, creating Laravel projects will now be an easy task for you, which could be done in a snap of a finger. Learn, practice and develop the frameworks through your knowledge that will get you, numerous clients and customers.

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