7 Funny Memes Stickers for WhatsApp (Animated & Personal)


Using funny WhatsApp stickers has become a new trend these days. There are a huge variety of funny WhatsApp stickers that makes your conversation funnier. It is really time-consuming than typing a complete response, you can just respond with a sticker that is way funnier.

Best Funny Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

So, here are some of the coolest and funniest WhatsApp stickers available these days:

 Cartoon WhatsApp sticker

 If you are a great fan of Disney and anime, then it’s the right time to use the Disney and anime package sticker. Disney’s most popular animated film has been turned into WhatsApp stickers and is available as designated packages. You can download it from WhatsApp and also other sticker apps.

Cute Sticker

 No one can refuse a cute WhatsApp sticker. If you love to respond with stickers, then you might know how sending the cute stickers will light up the whole mood of the one you’re texting. It is way funnier than giving a straight reply where they will not know any emotion behind it. These stickers will make the receiver of the text way happier.

Celebrities Sticker

 If you have a favorite or admired celebrity and you like to use their stickers in chats, then this kind of sticker is a good choice for you. The character sticker is the most used WhatsApp sticker, especially for comedy actors, with joke templates on top.

Some of the iconic or funny moments of celebrities will be turned into stickers. It will include stickers such as an expression or an action. They can be used as a sticker to spice up all of your chats.

Comic Meme Stickers

 It is impossible not to know Comic Memes if you are a keen Internet user. You will be definitely aware of memes such as Rage face, Pepe the frog, and Shiba Inu Dog. These rage comics are a series of webcomic memes using a growing set of pre-made cartoon faces.

These faces will be expressing rage or some other simple emotion that is most popular in the current situation. They are still used to describe life experiences with a humorous punchline at the end or at the top space.

The sad frog meme is also referred to as Pepe the frog. It is a cartoon character that has gained popularity in Internet memes. People often use this Pepe frog sticker to show that even if they are completely sad, but still say, “feels good man.” This sticker can be used when someone asks about how we feel.

Emoji WhatsApp Sticker

 If the basic emoji can’t convey what you are trying to communicate in a chat, then the emoji-based stickers can surely make your expression funnier. There are many emoji-based WhatsApp stickers that come in cool styles.

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Just like the enlarged funny emojis, 3D emojis, animated emojis, etc. There are so many colored emojis available on WhatsApp these days. You can never deny that the creative ideas for emojis are never-ending.

K-Pop Idols Sticker

 If you are a die-hard fan of a K-pop idol group, then you can use their sticker in your daily conversation. It can also be a way to show your love for them all the time. You can find some of the most world-popular K-pop groups. Among them, you can find your K-pop idol stickers and start sending them to all of your friends.

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The most popular K-pop idol stickers will always be available in the sticker apps. You can also make a sticker of your own with the apps available on the AppStore. The K-pop supporters and fans can call themselves the “Army.” If you are an army too, don’t forget to get the stickers of your K-pop idols.

Phrases Sticker

Sometimes the text alone can make the chatting boring. But when the text is colored and styled with images or memes, it’s a completely different story. They are way more interesting and funnier than just texts are a proven fact.

Bottom line:

 If you are tired of using stickers that have to be downloaded from WhatsApp or other third-party apps, you can create your own stickers now. You can take some pictures of your friends, family and all your loved ones, then turn them into stickers.

You can share all these with everyone on WhatsApp. This will be way funnier than the normal stickers that you usually use. So, create your own funny sticker and have great fun.

Genelia Timothi
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