7 Best Tech Gadgets For a Smarter Home

As technology keeps advancing, the homes should keep advancing as well. Even if you love doing your chores manually daily, you need to make it a bit more convenient. Smart home gadgets have steadily improved and become more popular in many homes over the past few years.

1. Home automation hub

Most smart speakers can be used as a home automation hub but most people prefer a dedicated gadget. A home automation hub connects you to a virtual assistant with other smart home gadgets.

It allows you to control them using voice command or a smartphone. The devices support a number of standards for example Bluetooth and wi-fi and there are others than have USB ports and an extra battery for more functionality.

2. Lighting control system

Smart light bulbs replace conventional bulbs and they are compatible with iPhone and Android and they use wi-fi, Bluetooth or a hub-bridge to connect to smartphones or tablets. The lighting control system allows you to operate your lighting from wherever you are thus giving great convenience and cost-efficiency.

3. Smart fans

With smart fans, your yearly electricity bill will reduce greatly. The technology behind gorilla smart fans is a smart remote control with timer and sleep mode. Sleep mode lowers the speed of the fan at night and timer mode stops the fan after a programmed duration or when you do not need to use the fan.

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4. Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat saves money, time and energy. It operates by adjusting to your habits automatically. You can turn off the heating gadget or the air conditioner when the gadget does not require it. This gadget is also convenient to use and it can be controlled by a smartphone from wherever you are.

5. Smart surveillance cameras

Home security is a concern to every homeowner and with the smart security cameras, a high level of reliability and reassurance is offered.

With motion detection sensors which record everything that takes place in the house, users can monitor everything with their smartphones. Most security cameras come with advanced features like sound, motion and night vision alerts and day and night video streaming.

6. Smart locks

A smart lock has motion sensors which notify smartphones when there is an unwanted activity thus improving security at your home. Smart locks also have an accelerator and a video camera that will help you catch anyone who tries to tamper with the lock.

7. Smart faucet

With a smart faucet, you will be able to conserve water and minimize unnecessary wastage of water.

The smart faucet has an intelligent design that enables you to leave behind a minimized carbon footprint. It is free of contamination and it is hygienic since you do not need to touch the faucet. Smart faucet is convenient mostly for the children, the elderly and the physically challenged people.

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With the smart home gadgets explained here, you will be able to carry out your house chores more efficiently and faster than you used to. Some of these gadgets will also be able to fix the problems that you have been trying to tackle manually for so many years.

Additional Tip:

Robot vacuum for carpet is also one of the best tech gadgets for your smart home.

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