7 Benefits of Investing in an Event Management App

Events are an important part of any business, big or small. The process is not new and it has been going on for quite some time so the question that arises is “Why should Organizer Invest in an Event App?”

An amalgamation of multiple aspects like venue, budgeting, logistics, promotions and reviews, a lot more is just scratching the surface of event-planning. All these things should be properly planned and executed for the event to become a success.

Optimization is always well appreciated. Event planners can leverage the upsurge of technology that has paved its path in the event planning industry to optimize the process

Benefits of Investing in Event Management App

Emerging tech trends have simplified and optimized multiple aspects of event management. One such trend is the event app, it is one of the most popular and significant tools amongst all.

With the increase in the number of smartphone users, it is no surprise that most attendees’ will use their smartphones to book tickets for the event and use it during the event to navigate through the venue. There is a good window of opportunity that you can benefit from.

The main reasons that every organizer should invest in an event app are mentioned below.

1. Simplifies the registration process and Hassle-free ticketing:

If you are still stuck with the old-school registration forms then you are unnecessarily complicating the registration process. Automating the registration process via events app is as simple as it can get for the event planners as well as the clients and sponsors.

Automation eliminates the hassle of managing the hard copy forms and other papers. Linking the ticketing system with emails can also help you keep track of everything using a single registration app database. It is a simple, optimized, hassle-free and quick solution as opposed to the traditional method.

The automation of the entire ticketing process can further simplify registrations through the app itself. E-tickets on the event app or via emails decrease the hassle of keeping a track of ticketing counters and operations related to it.

Purchasing tickets and payment portals can also be integrated. Integrating online payments using e-tickets through an event application will decrease the hassle of running around to book tickets.

When the user segment or your targeted audience is already interested in a tour event, your marketing is definitely more effective. When you have the right event app development as a tool, you can completely tailor it to fit the individual event.

For instance, you will be able to easily create customized guest lists based on the interest level of the attendees. Don’t forget that the moment an attendee registers, they’re part of the audience and event community.

2. Easy check-in:

Traditional Individual check-ins on event day are tedious and hard to optimize. It’s really difficult to manually keep track of all the attendees with a pen and paper in hand with tickets or entry passes flying all around. However, the event app makes it a bit easier. You can go for QR codes as entry passes.

The whole process can be optimized if the customers get a barcode to be digitally signed in and that can be scanned at the venue for authorized access. All this will help to simplify attendees management for the event planner and at the same time maintaining event-security.

3. Increase engagement:

Engagement with event members and attendees can be improved exponentially with the help of an events app. Organizers can easily aggregate conversions with the help of social media platforms and segmenting them into trends. Online and Offline audiences can be compiled in a streamlined funnel to ensure maximum attendance and generate a more targeted profile.

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The event app makes it easier for the management team to get real-time feedback from the attendees with the help of audience response technology. Real-time conversation via live-polling is possible between the audience and the event organizers.

If the attendees face any difficulty, the organizers can take immediate feedback and provide immediate support to resolve their issues. This is a great engagement activity to receive credible feedback and map the overall attendee experience. Organizers can use these feedbacks and pools to learn from their mistakes and work on these aspects on the current or for any future aspects.

4. Leveraging speakers and Promoting Sponsors:

Good speakers ensure good engagement and content for any event. Getting these speakers on board takes a lot of time and effort. You can use the event app by leveraging these speakers and their popularity.

You can add a feature where attendees can check the information about speakers like their designation, work, genre, etc in a separate section. Discussions, interviews, updates, social media links, etc can also be promoted to give the app more like a networking platform.

Sponsorship is extremely important for any event, and apps can be leveraged to acquire new sponsors on board and promote the existing sponsors. In-app popups, dedicated banners, and ages, etc. can be used to advertise and promote sponsors within the app. You can even use the number of registrations or the number of attendees and engagement data to leverage sponsors.

All these reasons will help you understand why your event was a success with data analysis to back it up, and will help to get more sponsors on board.

5. Networking and Audience engagement through social media:

Social media has become a vital part of businesses and is considered the main medium for user engagement. Mobile event apps can be directly linked to various social media platforms. This encourages users to make use of event apps during the event to post updates and pictures live or real-time from the event.

These updates can be made from the app by incorporating it with the media platforms. This will increase user adherence and app usage time and will prove to be a really great promotional activity. Apart from gaining knowledge, making new connections and networking with other attendees is always one point that comes to mind while registration.

An events app can provide the platform for attendees to get in touch with fellow attendees who are interested in the same events or tasks. They interact with like-minded people which will in turn increase audience engagement prior to the event itself.

6. One app for multiple events:

The lifespan of the vents app is one of the major concerns of organizers before they invest in-app. However, events app can be reused for future events without any hassle. This is a one-time investment that organizers can benefit from for a long time.

A single event app can be leveraged for multiple events by the organizers without additional costs. But you should have a word with your mobile development company before they build your app. This will eliminate all the unnecessary hassles.

Marketing is definitely more effective if it is retargeted at the members who are already interested in your event. It is easier to tailor the app and fit it according to individual needs when you have the right software package as a tool.

The event management app makes the whole process a lot more professional and streamlined. The hindrances and hassles that human error can create are decreased significantly as the app handles all the time consuming and monotonous mechanics.

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The staff can focus on issues that can not be solved by machines in general. Last-minute conundrums are bound to happen no matter what. If the team has bandwidth they can easily work on providing a smoother experience to all the attendees in record time.

7. Automation and Event-analytics:

Features to automate email outreach, payment processing, registration tracking etc. will help save so much time. Instead of wasting their time on monotonous work, the team can work on the creative aspects to pull the event and make it a success. Digital record-keeping also decreases the chances of human error that can result in real-time issues.

Automating the follow-up process like that you emails etc. can help improve brand image and reliability in customer’s eyes. You can even set user journeys for different segments depending on the event and your technical outreach.

For a deep insight about the event’s success, you need data to back it up. But you do not need to collect it all manually and then sort it out. An event app can help you generate reports while keeping multiple aspects in mind. You can get reports to check anything from app engagement and promotions to monitoring the growth of the event from day one. These reports can also be used to attract and acquire new sponsors/speakers.

You can analyse and compare the registrations with the number of attendees, engagement rates of specific events, demographics, everything can be tracked. Apart from no manual work, you save a lot of printing and paper cost, too. An event app is a great tool with enormous potential. We have barely scratched the surface, event organizers can add so many features that will help optimize and reap benefits with proper budgeting in mind.

An android or iOS event app can help generate reports on multiple aspects. Attributes of the event such as promotions and engagement can be taken into consideration for app analytics for monitoring the growth of an event.


Event management is a multi-million dollar industry. You can find a number of mobile app development companies in the USA that can cater to your needs. You just need to trust your judgement and find the right one. Almost every new event management company out there is using technology or management software for their events.

Above mentioned benefits are reason enough for the popularity. If you are into Events planning and organizing and are not using any software or management app then you are missing out on a valuable tool. Event’s app is a holistic solution that has great potential.

Right from the administration, HR, accounting, floor planning, engagement and outreach can be from a mobile phone device. Traditional event management meant a long list of written and operational printing which decreased the team productivity and resource management quality. But with an event app, all these metrics can be maintained and analysed without expanding team size or budget.

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