6 Upcoming Tech Conferences to Attend in 2018

# Last Updated On: July 19, 2021 #

You can learn a lot from listening to podcasts, researching websites and reading books relevant to the tech field. However, learning often goes to a new level when you attend conferences.

Doing so allows you to learn with some of the sector’s greatest achievers and thinkers, while getting glimpses of works in progress. Since we’re only a few months into 2018, now is an excellent time to start planning which tech conferences you can’t afford to miss.

1. IBM Think 2018

Location: Las Vegas

Dates: March 19-22

Prices: $2,295 for a weekend ticket in advance or $895 for a one-day pass (Onsite weekend pass purchases will also be available for $2,395.)

This conference from IBM focuses on numerous aspects of the tech industry, ranging from artificial intelligence to big data, plus a hefty dose of insights about cloud computing.

Throughout the conference, you’ll have the chance to hear from knowledgeable speakers or go to your choice of thousands of hands-on labs. Additionally, if you’re interested in a career boost, this conference allows you to get certified in hundreds of potential skillsets, which looks fantastic on a resume.

2. Mobile World Congress Americas

Location: Los Angeles

Dates: Sept. 12-14

Prices: TBA

If you’re fascinated by mobile apps or devices, this conference is a must-attend event. Plans are still underway for this year’s exhibition.

However, to get an idea of the significant nature of last year’s gathering — which was the inaugural event — consider more than 21,000 people went to it, and more than 1,000 exhibitors represented their respective brands and products. Also, individuals came from 110 countries and territories.

Some of the speakers included Dan Schulman, president and CEO of Paypal, and Mitchell Baker, executive chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation.

3. NAB Show

Location: Las Vegas

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Dates: April 7-12

Prices: $855 for the full weekend, with lower-priced packages for specific events

This conference is the annual event of the National Association of Broadcasters, and it focuses on bringing technology to content creation and monetization efforts.

For example, you can learn about next-generation media technologies likely to disrupt the landscape in the coming years, or go to the Advanced Advertising Pavilion to discover how content, marketing and tech intersect.

There will also be a showcase of camera robotics technology that is becoming more prevalent in today’s newsrooms, along with demonstrations of what the top game developers have up their sleeves.

4. Web Summit

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Dates: Nov. 5-8

Prices: Two tickets for €850 through a special pre-registration deal — stay tuned to the conference website for other pricing options.

Described in various media sources as “the largest technology conference in the world,” Web Summit has attracted more than 70,000 attendees and hosted more than 1,000 speakers during single events. Elon Musk and Al Gore have both spoken at previous Web Summit events.

Additionally, there are nearly two dozen conferences that take place within Web Summit, such as HealthConf, which combines health, fitness and technology, and Modum, which is a spotlight on technology in the fashion industry.

5. World Summit AI

Location: Gashouder, Amsterdam

Dates: Oct. 10-11

Prices: €449 + tax for early-bird pricing — check the conference website to see other pricing tiers as they become available.

Complete details are not yet available for this year’s event, but the 2017 version featured more than 1,500 attendees and 150 speakers. This conference is significantly smaller than some of the others covered here, but if artificial intelligence is your specialty, this summit is the place to be.

It could also be the event that gives you a glimpse of what’s ahead in the field, since last year’s version had more than a dozen product launches and announcements.

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6. DES Digital Business World Congress

Location: Madrid, Spain

Dates: May 22-24

Prices: €60 and up

Geared toward people who want to thrive in the digital economy, this specialty event features plentiful networking opportunities and lets you see how the newest technologies could make you more competitive than ever, compared to your peers.

Consider this event one that’ll help you achieve your digital transformation goals through new possibilities. Expect to hear about blockchain, the Internet of Things, emerging opportunities in retail tech and more.

Whether you’re interested in a conference taking place inside the United States, or you’d like to travel to another country, these options are enticing choices. By booking tickets for at least one of them, you could advance your career in meaningful ways.

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