6 Top Mobile Game Development Tools

The gaming industry has changed a lot over the past few years. Previously, really big projects came out once or twice a year, if not less; in our time the situation is completely different.

Top 6 Top Mobile Game Development Tools

Someone will say that quality suffers from quantity, but in fact, this is not always true. In this article, we have described several programs for creating games, with the help of which you can develop your projects on various platforms: PC, IOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One. About the most exciting and cool app games, you can read on androidappsforme.

1. Unity3d

Unity Technologies is a unique company. It created the Unity3D engine – one of the most popular tools for creating games in the entire gaming industry.

The Unity game engine is undoubtedly the dominant global provider of game development software. Most of the games are made on this engine.

The Unity 5 game engine offers a wide range of functions and a rather simple interface for the concept.

This is a cross-platform engine that easily ports games to Android, IOS, Windows Phone 10, BlackBerry, making it a great tool for creating mobile games. It also has the ability to create video games for consoles of a new generation: PS4 PRO, Xbox One S.

Unity supports 3D formats for various programs: 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, CINEMA 4D, Softimage and so on.

The new Unity3D supports flexible customization of Sprites and 2D physics, which makes it an excellent game engine for creating 2D and 2.5D games.

That is why many companies aiming at creating mobile projects choose Unity; because rapid development, minimal investment, and porting to all possible platforms are what small companies really need.

In addition, this game engine works in conjunction with many 3D programs, it also contains useful functions for editing inside the engine.

Unity has no real tools for modeling, there is only the ability to scale and apply textures to 3D models, so everything related to animation, modeling, creating materials will be created in an extraneous 3D software.

However, Unity3D boasts a large library of assets, where most can be downloaded for free, and the rest can be purchased for a small price (the price is determined by the author of the asset).

Unity is often associated with mobile games, but with the release of Unity 5 and the new render, there is a huge increase in the graphics capabilities of the game engine, including such things as Physically Based Shading, Global Illumination in real time and HDR Reflection Probes, as well as many other improvements.

Unity 5 offers some features that make it a strong contender among the Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine 3 game engines.

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2. Unreal engine

6 Top Mobile Game Development Tools

Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games. She is known for a number of games: FPS shooter “Unreal”, blockbuster “Gears of War”, “Infinity Blade” on iOS.

With this tool, you can create games on Windows, Mac, Xbox One S, PS 4K, IOS, Linux, Android, Ouya, VR and for HTML5 Web browsers.

If Unity knows from Indie games (Crossy Road, Superhot, I am Bread and so on), then the Unreal Engine, on the contrary, produces huge projects, be it Smite, Paragon, Day by Daylight …

This program has a complete set of tools for creating its own game, starting with mobile 2D, ending with a console VR blockbuster. It uses built-in visual scripting – Blueprint, which greatly simplifies the process of creating a game.

In Unreal Engine 4, any user will have access to the source code with which you can customize the program for yourself, use the necessary plug-ins and write your own. By joining Epic Games, you can see the 3 million lines of code available on GitHub.

3. Kobold2D

A ready-to-go solution for developing games on the iPhone. Open source, ARC enabled, for IOS and Mac OS. Kobold2D is an enhanced and improved version of the famous game creation program – Cocos2D for iPhone.

Everything that you knew about Cocos2D can be applied in the new engine. The new version is more convenient to use, more powerful and flexible option than Cocos2D, all documentation is available online and offline. Use this program to create games for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac Os X for the Apple App Store.

Kobold2D uses the popular cocos2D-iPhone game engine, adds frequently used code, integrates popular libraries, and wants you to be more productive and enjoy learning and developing iOS and Mac OS X games. Kobold2D provides extensive documentation and many quick start code examples.

4. ZGame Editor

Create games that are only 64KB or smaller using procedural content. The program uses OpenGL for graphics and Real-Time synthesizer for audio. ZGameEditor is a free open source program.

ZGameEditor is a tool for creating simple arcade games. Features: integrated development environment (where you can work and test your game).

Cross-Platform: editor only for Windows, but you can also run on Linux, Mac OS X and Android, 3D assets and gameplay components, import your textures, MIDI files for music and 3DS files for 3D assets. Games created on ZGE can be distributed free of charge (Royalty Free).

5. Gameguru

With GameGuru, you can create your own worlds using free, simple and exciting tools. Diversify your universe by adding characters, weapons, ammo and other objects, after which, by pressing just one key, your game will go through the build and be ready for use.

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Want to share your creation with others? With GameGuru, you can create multiplayer in minutes, including hosting, share your game online through Stream Multiplayer.

Making games has never been easier. The program contains all the most necessary tools for creating games and added a number of new functions that simplify the process of game development.

You can focus on the design of your games, while GameGuru will work on all the complex game processes.

Render: the game engine supports Level of Detail (LOD) technology to provide a smooth picture and a high frame rate.

Cascading shadow mapping, dynamic shadows in real time. Ability to bake shadows, add additional realistic shadows, support for Ambient Occlusion, Sky maps and Occlusion Culling System.

Gameplay: FPS action, fast, classic FPS mechanics, Third Person Shooter mechanics, real-time strategy, fantasy animation, ready-to-play multiplayer (just create or join a created game in GameGuru using Steam Multiplayer and Steam Workshop.)

6. GameMaker: Studio

This program is suitable for people who are just starting their way of game development, and for professionals in their field.

GameMaker allows you to create cross-platform games in record time with minimal investment.

In addition, developing your own game will be much faster with the new version with an improved interface, a number of necessary functions that were not in the first version of the game engine.

Import images, animations, audio and fonts through Studio’s Resource Tree. Having developed the game, you will be able to port it to several platforms at once, using cross-platform solutions from GameMaker.

Are you planning to create your own game? No problems. Choose a program and go to the dream! It remains only to include imagination and create…

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October 8, 2019 6:31 pm

Good games, good selection.
But dear author, how could you forget about sonic? =)

October 9, 2019 4:21 am

Found a good selection, I hope it comes in handy: https://appelse.com/sonic-apps-games/

Micky Singh
Micky Singh
May 30, 2020 8:36 pm

Amazing tools thanks for sharing. I also want to develop some low mb games.

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