6 Conversion Rate Optimization Ideas You Have to Try

# Last Updated On: October 6, 2021 #

As far as online traffic goes, it’s inconsistent, and you can go a week or more with no conversions. If you don’t grab visitors’ attention from the very get-go, there’s a very low likelihood that they’ll come back and perform the desired actions.

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Ideas

Conversion Rate Optimization Ideas

40% of eCommerce store owners say that getting a response from prospects is getting harder. That’s not very encouraging.

Maybe not, but it’s not a good enough reason to quit. If you’re worried about the impact of a low conversion rate on your online shop, recover the lost leads and sales.

Use these ideas to skyrocket your conversion rates and boost your business. Alternatively, you can read this awesome article on what is CRO and what this is all about.

1.  Take Advantage of The Psychological Effects of Colors

If you want to increase your website’s conversion rate, use different colors. Colors make it easier for visitors to process all the data. If the color is too bright or too plain, the visitor won’t want to stay around and check out the content.

According to the experts at Quick Sprout, more than 90% of purchase decisions are affected by visuals. Colors greatly influence human behavior and emotion. Since colors have a powerful impact on the mind and trigger various emotions, use color in the menu bar, subheadings, sidebar, etc.

What colors mean for your visitors: 

  • Red – Red has the connotations of love, passion, stimulation, and blood. You can use this to get people to take action on your eCommerce site. Use red in the areas where you want visitors to do something.
  • Blue – Blue promotes security, trust, calm, and relationship. The color blue is very popular with top brands. The logos in blue include Facebook, IBM, and Pepsi. Put visitors at ease by using the color blue.
  • Orange – Orange stimulates creativity and enthusiasm, which is why it’s best for call-to-action buttons. Amazon’s Add To Cart button has changed over the years, but the color has remained the same. The design is referred to as the Big Orange Button.

2.  Design Your Website Like Instagram

Instagram didn’t always look the way it does now. The user interface and the graphics weren’t great. Far from it. It took years for Instagram to be what it is today.

While you can’t copy the website as it is today, you can create something similar. Mike Krieger, who created the photo-sharing app, prefers single page websites because they’re simple, easy, and trendy for users.

Site maintenance becomes easy, not to mention that the navigation experience is simplified. The experience is continuous and fluid for the user who doesn’t have to move from one page to another.

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3. Use A Human Face

People are naturally drawn to images of other people, and pictures with faces are more popular. Use pictures of people and headshots to humanize the call-to-action.

eCommerce stores that use images and videos of actual people are considered more trustworthy. If you don’t have photos on your online platform, people will think you have something to hide.

Human photos on your site have a positive effect on visitors instilling confidence and trustworthiness. The emotional connection is stronger, so it’ll have a much better impact. Stop using contact icons and replace them with actual photos.

Instead of using a generic silhouette or a two-color monogram, it’s best to use a picture of yourself. The photo will have 50% more conversions as compared to the generic icon.

4.  Use Testimonials to Build Trust

If you want to generate more revenue, use customer testimonials. Make sure they’re displayed after the details and benefits of an offer. Testimonials can result in higher conversion rates.

Consumers trust testimonials as much as personal recommendations, so testimonials add weight to their decisions they’re struggling to make. Powerful companies like HubSpot and Prezi collect testimonials from their customers.

You should do the same. Don’t wait for someone to say something good about your brand. Ask for a testimonial.

The question now is: Is it okay to change or edit client testimonials? Yes, there’s nothing wrong with polishing and adding value to the formal statements.

They sell for you, so have to make sure everything’s perfect. There are many useful tools for editing and proofreading content. Here are some examples:

  • ProWritingAid – This tool cleans up grammar and spelling mistakes, and contextual errors. Use it to check for vague words or incorrect tenses.
  • Trust My Paper – If you need to fix typos or punctuation issues, Trust My Paper is the perfect tool. The testimonials will be flawless, so you don’t have to worry about grammar or spelling issues.
  • Ginger – What makes this tool so special is that it takes into account advanced grammatical issues. Even if the testimonials include everyday vocabulary, this tool will come in handy.

If it’s necessary, send back the testimonials to your clients. Ask them if the testimonials accurately reflect their experience with the company.

5.  Turn Visitors into Buyers with The Help of CTAs

Call-to-actions make it clear to prospective customers they need to take action. HubSpot discovered that anchor text CTAs increase conversion rates by 121%. What’s more, they say that personalized call-to-actions perform 202% better than basic ones.

Craft better CTAs, which are tailored per individual persona/behavior. There are many aspects you need to become aware of, such as location, language, preferences, income, etc.

Adjectives don’t necessarily make people want to click. It’s best to focus on verbs because they boost conversion rates. “Accelerate your income” is much more convincing than, say, “Spectacular income ideas”.

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Verbs tell people what to do next. Include one or two of the following verbs in your CTAs:

  • Make a change right now
  • Recharge
  • Help
  • Save
  • Make things easier
  • Click here
  • I invite you to …

Site visitors can’t help but click. When you take the number of conversions and divide it by the total number of ad interactions that can be tracked, you’ll have a pleasant surprise.

6.  Use Live Chat Software

Live chat offers great customer service by providing solutions to queries. According to Neil Patel, you can increase your conversion rate by approximately 50% with live chat. Install a messenger on the homepage, but don’t forget about other site pages.

The “Chat Now” button should be present at the bottom of the page. Be present during business hours to respond right away if people request a chat. Popular websites that use live chat are Toys’R’Us’, Shopify, and HP.

Why do they do it? Because big companies know visitors aren’t always sure if they want to buy and one question can remove doubts.

Yes, you should add live chat to your eCommerce website. No matter how much content you’ve created, visitors still have questions and they want to get instant answers. Think about using a chatbot.

If you want to take things to the next level, use a multilingual chatbot. It can pick up languages very easily and converse with clients. If you speak with customers in their native language, you can boost conversion rates and increase brand loyalty. That’s a guarantee.

To sum up, it’s not hard to scale your online business if you use the right tactics. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference the aforementioned ideas can make.

Should you even care? Yes, because a high conversion rate translates into better ROI. It makes more sense to convert visitors than to attract more visitors. Keep that in mind.

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