6 Best Microsd Cards of 2019: Flash Memory for Drones

You know how essential it is to choose appropriate tools for your devices especially when we are speaking of a drone and microsd card. If you want to keep each video and leave a special memory, then you definitely have to think of the extended storage.

Imagine what a pity to have no chance to save important information because your microsd can’t provide you enough space.

We collected all the best cards for drones and, with them, your 2019 will definitely be a memorable year. Compare the characteristics and you’ll be able to select an appropriate microsd that will meet all your requirements.

The Best Microsd Card for Your Drone

6 Best Microsd Cards of 2019

There are many companies providing microsd to satisfy the customers’ needs. They vary by space, designs, devices, and other characteristics.

We collected the best cards for the owners of drones. Read the list to purchase an appropriate microsd that will match all your needs:

1. Samsung EVO Plus is what your drone desires.

This sd micro card is a perfect solution for people who want to have the right of choice. It comes up in a variety of sizes starting at 32 GB and up to 256 GB.

It can read 100 Mbyte per 1 sec and its write speed is up to 90 Mb. This micro sd may be a great technical solution for a person who looks for a card for his drone.

2. Samsung Pro+ micro sd card for phone.

Do you like to create videos and want to have a larger space for all of them? This micro sd is an effective choice if you appreciate high-speed read-write characteristics. The card shows fast results and that is what you need for thousands of videos.

This microsd speed starts at 90 Mb per second and has many sizes you can select from. A class 10 micro sd card comes up in 32 and up to 128 GB.

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3. MicroSD SanDisk Extreme Plus.

This card will perfectly match action cameras and drones as it perfectly copes with various files. It has a pretty nice microsd speed and you’ll be able to take videos with great quality.

The company provides flash memory card characteristics featuring high results in reading and writing. Its rates are 90 and 95 Mb.

Besides, a customer can pay attention to the microsd assortment of sizes: from 32 and up to 128 Mb.

4. Microsd card Lexar 1000x

It’s another effective choice among cheap cards in the market. As it doesn’t cost a lot, you may think that this microsd doesn’t have appropriate characteristics. But its reading-writing features are rather effective for tech lovers.

They show nice speed and a nice range of sizes starting at 32 and up to 128 GB. This sd memory card is a cheap tool for your device.

5. SanDisk Ultra card

It’s a great microsd product for people who appreciate super features and quality. If you’re going to save dozens of videos and other files, it’s definitely an effective solution for your favorite gadget.

It’s not a very high speed micro sd card but the company provides much space for you to enjoy the extended memory size. If you want a product that can satisfy your storage needs, this item is going to give what you need.

The smallest size of this microsd is 16 GB, and the largest one is 400 GB. It’s not a dream card anymore! Now, device owners can save as many files as they need to.

6. Integral card microsdXC

It’s not the fastest microsd for a device but an owner will appreciate its memory capacities. This card definitely impresses with its sizes because the largest storage comes up with 512 GB.

You will even forget about its speed because you’ll be too busy making another long video. Nothing is lost again with this microsd and you can be sure that your gadget will take each moment of your life.

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Choosing Microsd Memory Card

Follow these recommendations to choose a Huawei nano memory card and any other microsd product:

  • Think twice before buying microsd with a small size. A card with 4 GB won’t help you to save money because soon you’ll have to buy another storage;
  • Consider the delivery price if you want to take it from a courier;
  • Microsd with larger space may be incompatible with your gadget. Check if your device does well with microsd starting at 32 GB;
  • Notice that cards with 128 GB and more have lower prices because microsd coming up with 64 GB are bought more often. This size is popular because it’s compatible with most devices.

Final Words:

Follow these recommendations to choose microsd properly. By the way, do you know specific rules on how to use sd card as internal storage? Share your experience with us!

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