6 Advantages of Outsourcing in the Philippines

The Philippines has become a fixture in today’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) landscape. Since the 1990’s, the country has been the home for several BPO companies and continues to attract more companies from around the world today.

Advantages of Outsourcing in the Philippines

With the on-going support from the government, and a steady supply of college and university graduates each year, the Philippines has established itself as one of the leaders in the BPO industry and is still expected to exceed expectations in the years to come.

But aside from government support and a large volume of the talented and skilled workforce, the Philippines boats a plethora of advantages that makes an ideal outsourcing destination. One is that it plays a crucial role in the country’s economic growth. According to economists, the BPO revenue growth in the Philippines to grow by about 6.6% in 2017.

This optimistic growth can be the result of the reduced labor cost in the Philippines, which has been its strongest selling point for many years. But despite this low human capital requirement, many companies have also discovered the level of talent that Filipinos bring to the table.

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Many BPO companies in the Philippines employs highly skilled workers that are capable of taking mid to high-level of functions. In result, businesses who use Philippine-based BPO facility are able to experience more savings and experience high-quality service and outputs from the Filipinos.

Considering that it is one of the major contributors to the country’s GDP, it is easy to see why many companies choose the Philippines to outsource their jobs. In the coming years, this sector is expected to grow much further, and we could expect more developments and innovation in the BPO industry to take place in the Philippines soon.

To learn more about the advantages of offshore outsourcing in the Philippines, check the infographic below from Global Outsourcing.

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