5 WordPress Site Speed Optimization Plugins Used by Pro Marketers

Nothing sucks like a website that takes ages to load. You have just headed to a random webpage for a piece of information, but the progress bar keeps staring at you and says – wait a moment, I am loading.

WordPress Site Speed Optimization Plugins

Marketers invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in website’s UI / UX, marketing and promotion. They build a power-packed website equipped with essential website elements.

What they miss to fix, unintentionally though, is website’s slow loading speed. And that turns to be really detrimental to business prospects and growth.

How fast a website loads is essential to your website’s success. The reason is bit straight forward. Visitors are always in hurry. If a site takes longer to load, visitors switch to other websites that serve similar stuff.

Just because your website is slow at loading, your nearest competitors get the edge over you.  Website loading speed is a crucial ranking factor too, as Google includes it in its ranking algorithm.

So, if your website has speed issues, fix it before it could create irreparable loss to your business.  WordPress plug-ins for site speed optimization could help you in this.  They are designed to are designed to increase the load speed of your page through a variety of mechanisms

We are listing here five most popular WordPress Site Speed Optimization plug-ins for your reference.

1. WP Fastest Cache

You may choose WP Fastest Cache if you need faster rendering of your website elements. With over three million downloads, WP Fastest Cache is the answer for all your page speed worries.

page speed optimization WordPress Plugins

As a website starts receiving tons of traffic, it consumes more bandwidth, memory and CPU resources. Resource burning of this extent hits the page rendering speed that eventually leads to drop in page load speed.

WP Fastest Cache has a remedy for this. This plugin creates a static HTML file to make sure multiple users reach the same static page rather than having the page render repeatedly.

The plugin is lightweight, easy-to-use and free to download. However, to use its premium features, you will have to pay a few dollars.

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2. W3 Total Cache:

If you need to optimize and control website caching, W3 Total Cache is what we recommend. This is the most advanced plugin you can have for web performance optimization. It’s very handy to use and can easily fix all the caching issues.

The W3 Total Cache is widely used plugin that comes with a huge list of features required for high volume, high traffic sites. The plugin can benefit you big time in many ways.

It can improve overall site performance manifolds by saving memory and CPU resources consumed while rendering pages. The only pain with the plug-in is that it requires a certain level of expertise to tweak settings and make required changes.

3. WP Super Minify:

As name suggest, the WP Super Minify plug-in compresses HTML JavaScript, and CSS files to reduce the overall website loading time. Once activated, you needn’t to make any significant tweaks in setting to put it on work.

The plugin doesn’t necessarily boost page speed as much as other plug-ins does.  However, many users admit increase of 2-4 percent in page speed after using this tool.


Meet the most powerful image compression optimization tool till date.

Images consume a sizable piece of memory and resources. If you keep adding images to your website without compressing and reducing them in size, website page load speed will be affected.

With WP Smush, you have a magnificent way to compress each image to reduce their size without comprising the image quality. The plug-in is free to download. Once activated, it automatically compresses each image on upload. That means, you need not to crop images manually.

In addition to that, it also allows bulk smush option to optimize all the images in the gallery. Its free version is enough to fulfill your image optimization needs.

There multiple are reasons that make this plugin the best bet for image optimization. It offers support for all common image formats including JPEG, GIF, and PNG and removes metadata from JPEG images.

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5. WP Optimize

WP-Optimize helps you keep your database clean and clutter-free. For post revisions, WordPress create respective tables to store the data. That means for 6 post revisions, WordPress creates 6 tables to store 6 different copies of the post as revisions.

Not only the post revisions, but thousands of spam / unapproved comments are also saved in tables. This eventually adds extra burden to database table resulting in further inefficiencies and slower access.

So, how WP Optimize rescues?

When activated and run, the plug-in cleans up and optimizes your database to make it run better. It also helps you remove all those post revisions and spam/ unapproved comments to ensure fast and efficient processing of your database.

The plugin also enables you schedule the database cleaning and optimization on given time. As soon the schedule triggers, it automatically cleans-up your database by removing all unnecessary data like spam comments and trashed content, etc.

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