5 Ways to Use Social Media for Instant Feedback

Most ideas you get usually seem brilliant at first, that is, until you find out that people around you do not share your opinion. Still, the only way for you to find out how they feel about it is for them to tell you, which is why gathering feedback is so important.

How To Use Social Media for Instant Feedback?

Social Media for Instant Feedback

While sometimes it is difficult to say whether this is done more easily in person or online, the latter approach has some – more than obvious – advantages. For example, it shrouds the test participants into the veil of anonymity, which may encourage them to become more honest with you.

When it comes to digital marketing surveys, it is probably best to combine both of them through social media. The way this works is quite simple. It distances one both physically and emotionally from the author of the survey, which makes their answers more objective.

Nonetheless, it also provides the author with some vital demographic information (age, sex, gender, etc.). With this in mind, here are five ways in which you can use social media to get the instant feedback your digital marketing campaign so desperately needs.

1. Finding your target demographics

Every business, no matter how versatile it may seem, has that one target demographic that is for obvious reasons most susceptible to their charms. The greatest advantage of social media lies in the fact that it allows you to easily identify and target these individuals. However, when talking about ‘social media’ one must take into consideration the fact that we are usually talking about several vastly different networks.

For example, in order to find people you are looking for on Facebook, all you need to do is go to the graph search and type in keywords (that will vary depending on your industry).

Networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn have similar search functions, which can definitely make your job a lot easier. In the end, keep in mind that major social networks aren’t the only digital meeting locations you should consider. Local blogs and platform should also be on your radar.

2. Make your survey mobile-friendly

Another thing you should consider are ways in which you can make your surveys mobile-friendly. The reason behind this is quite simple. The majority of internet users these days are browsing on their mobile devices.

When it comes to social media, the numbers seem even more impressive and a staggering 97.3 percent of people are accessing them through smartphones. All in all, in case your survey isn’t smartphone-compatible, most people won’t even bother to try it out, which could kill any kind of feedback-gathering attempt in its infancy.

4. Pay for it

The greatest problem with online surveys is that you won’t be able to know for sure if the person filling it in is completely honest with you. Blocking content with a survey will only make people eager to get past it, which might make them fill the questions in or click on random. Needless to say, this kind of feedback is not just useless, but also potentially dangerous, seeing how it will give you all the wrong ideas.

Because of this, you might want to consider paying for surveys. People who want to learn how to get paid online are bound to be serious with their answers, seeing how it will them profit. Information is power, and sometimes it is worth paying for.

5. Shareable content

Next thing you should think about are ways in which you can make your content easily shareable. By doing so, you are allowing the people you are testing to help you out even past the survey.

After filling it out on their own, they will later share it amongst their friends and thus increase the amount of feedback you’ll be getting. For this, however, you need to make a compelling and easily visible share button.

You see, while they may feel the need to share a particularly interesting piece of content, they aren’t very likely to make an extra effort to do so. In other words, you need to make your content both interesting and easy to share.

6. Monitor brand mentions

Finally, you could just look for your brand name online and see what comes up. Here you will be able to see what people online are saying ‘behind your back’. Also, you will get a unique opportunity to see what kind of overall response your business is getting.

The best part lies in the fact that you will also be able to address the issue personally and therefore offer a direct customer support to those who need it. In a way, this can turn even some of your harshest critics into loyal customers. Over time, they can even become your brand ambassadors.


One last thing, social media is an inexhaustible source of data, but all of this is completely useless if you don’t know what you are looking for in the first place. So, before you head out and start asking questions, you need to make sure that the questions you are asking are the right ones.

Once you figure this out, you can start utilizing the above-listed methods to much greater success. Use Social Media for Instant Feedback.