5 Ways To Look For Inspiration On the Web

Everyone has days that they feel down, but one of the great aspects of having a perpetually available Internet is the fact that you can always search for inspiration.

Ways To Look For Inspiration On the Web

5 Ways To Look For Inspiration On the Web

And inspiration is different for everyone, so there are ways to focus in on exactly what it is that each person needs at any given time, just with a bit of savvy about how to work with search terms, media outlets, and web frameworks.

Five specific ways to look for the inspiration you need in an instant include searching on YouTube, looking through Reddit forums, Google searching for inspirational stories, looking through Facebook groups, and discovering hashtag streams.

#1. Search On YouTube

One great way to look for a better mood is to search for inspiration on YouTube. There are probably a million different inspirational channels, ranging from religious to business to personal inspiration, in every shape, shade, color or cultural bias. Just go to the main YouTube page and type in a few search terms, and you’ll have, mostly likely, hundreds of thousands of inspiration videos to choose from!

#2. Look Through Reddit Forums

If you’ve never visited Reddit forums, they are fascinating places to look for inspiration as well. There are whole subreddits specifically focused on different types of inspiration, from stories, to videos, to photos, and whatever else kind of mixed media you’re interested in. And not only do they have original posts, but lots of people have inspiring things to say as commentary to each submission as well. It takes some time to get your bearings on Reddit, but once you do, it can be an incredible source of inspiration in any direction you choose.

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#3. Google Search for Stories

If you simply type in the phrase “inspirational stories” in the Google search bar, the world’s feel-good stories will all appear in front of you like so much magic. Anything that has ever been crawled by Google’s algorithm will be one click away from being directly viewable by your searching eyes.

#4. Facebook Groups

There are tons of great Facebook groups out there as well dedicated to the idea of inspiration. Once again, the more focused your search, the better your results. You can approach the idea of inspiration from a religious, spiritual, or self-help angle, and that will quickly show you just how many people are there both to inspire and be inspired.

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#5. Twitter Hashtag Streams

And Twitter is an interesting place to go for inspiration as well, so long as you understand how hashtags work. By searching for the right terms, you’ll get an immediate, real-time list of all of the people who are posting anything regarding the concept of inspiration, and you can just follow the trail back from there.

Ways To Look For Inspiration On the Web

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