5 Ways to Earning Money Using Your PC

Your computer isn’t just a source of work or entertainment, it can also act as a source of revenue, helping you earn money in several ways.

The rise of remote and digital working, and the many ways to earn advertising revenue or to sell your own skills or goods means that a decent PC can become quite a good earner for anyone to supplement their income, or even become their own full time job.

Writing for money

Anyone with the ability to write can earn money online. At its simplest, there are many services you can use to write articles for businesses that need blog posts, reports, sales material and much more.

Topics could be about your favorite subjects, like pets, arts and craft, hobbies like sports or outdoor activities, reviewing sports matches or covering the betting odds. You can write reviews about movies or TV, and either get paid directly by a site, or use a freelancing service.

If you know a little about a market or business, you can also right B2B reports, talk about industry news and help promote a company. Check out this guide to some useful writing services.

For more literary types, with the Internet anyone can be a author. You could follow in the footsteps of Andy Weir whose self-published novel The Martian became a huge hit and a movie. Writers can self publish poetry, short stories, novellas, or full blown works of fiction or non-fiction on sites like Amazon or other ebook services, and get paid for your effort.

If you have an interest in history or other subject, local or otherwise, you can create books and even get small print runs made by online printers to sell at events. Going online gives everyone a global audience and the chance to market themselves and their titles.

Streaming for profit

For people who struggle to write, another creative online option, especially for those good at show-and-tell or who just always wanted to be a TV host is a streaming or online show.

Many younger people see becoming a YouTuber or Vlogger as a patch to wealth, but many people just consider it a hobby that can bring in a little advertising revenue, as people watch adverts around the show.

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Your show can be about any subject you like, from personal hobbies to discussing world events. One very popular subject is recording gaming footage from consoles.

With a HD video capture card, people can stream or record footage from console games to create a fun show, some people starting out with nothing more than a webcam have built huge followings and generate a sizable income just from having fun with games.

Whatever you choose to record, you can either stream games directly from a PC or games console, or use a capture card to store the footage and edit it into a more TV-show like creation. There are a wide range of capture cards you can buy to suit your needs.

Mining for gold

Here’s one area where you don’t need to do anything, other than own some powerful hardware. Those with a fast PC or graphics card might like to try their hand at mining for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

These are virtual currencies, created by solving complex math, but with one bitcoin worth $10,000 who knows what could be the next big one to make a fortune.

The problem with this effort is the maths is very intensive and around the world, huge data farms are also crunching the numbers trying to mine coins. However, by joining a collective, a network or having enough powerful hardware yourself, your PC could be crunching its way to a small fortune in currencies like Ethereum, Ripple or others.

Translating skills to cash

If you have another specific skill, such as languages or happen to be a fast typist, there are even more opportunities out there.

Translators are in demand around the world to convert documents from one language to another. Often some industry or technical knowledge is required, but the rewards can be quite good and there is an endless supply of work as even small businesses compete in the global market. .

Fast typists can also make money, either by tapping out business meeting minutes, transcribing interview notes, creating captions for TV or other video content. Thanks to the cloud and clever online services, you are paid per word or piece promptly, and there is always more work to be done.

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If you are good at photography, there’s a huge interest in digital photo sales across many gallery, stock photo or other sites. While those on the cutting edge of technology are producing artful or business-class drone footage that can be sold to businesses or broadcasters, all using available online services.

Whatever your skill in life there is probably a way to make money out of it online using a little initiative.

Selling old stuff or your own products online

Pretty much everyone knows about eBay, but the inevitable race to the bottom for the hugely popular service has seen prices crash and value diminish.

However, there are lots of other sites like Etsy where you can sell your own arts or crafts. Or retro stores that have an interest in old music, clothes, electronics and other items that can all help you boost your income.

All it takes is a little effort and good basic marketing skills, and you can create a store for your own homemade goods, or simply clear out the garage or attic of old stuff that other people might find valuable.


Whatever your skills, armed with a PC, an Internet connection and maybe some extra hardware, you can use your PC for all kinds of income-boosting ideas, most of which are fun and enjoyable as a bonus.

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