5 Travel Snapchat Accounts Every Wanderer Needs To Follow

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

“Not all those who wander are lost”. The great J. R. R. Tolkien wrote this in a poem called “All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter”. We all know how much Tolkien loved adventures and he was absolutely right when he wrote that legendary line. Traveling is one of the healthiest activities out there.

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It can literally mend your soul. Therefore, if you’re one of those “hopeless wanderers” we have something rather cool for you. In order to help you find your next adventure, we turned on our “Snapchat discover” mode and we found something that will definitely make your mouth water. Check out these 5 inspiring travel Snapchat accounts and pick your next destination.

Nomadasaurus (@Nomadasaurus)

This amazing Snapchat travel account is actually a “love child” of a nomadic couple Jazza and Lesh. These two adorable people met in a hostel bar a few years back and they’ve been traveling together ever since. The two lovebirds are determined to visit every corner of this beautiful planet. Even though they’re pretty busy, they somehow always find the time to fill out their Snapchat travel account with amazing and breathtaking photos and videos. If you’re seeking an adventure with your significant other, this is the perfect account for you.

My Life’s A Movie (@MyLifesAMovie.c)

If you’re an aspiring wanderer, you simply have to follow this extraordinary solo-traveler. This lovely woman is all about traveling the world and sharing stunning photos with her followers on Snapchat. Besides capturing the mesmerizing wonders of nature, she also shares a lot of travel tips and tricks. For example, she makes tutorials on how to pack a carry-on and how to use a GoPro camera. This lady is an impressive adventurer!

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Anna Everywhere (@Anna-Everywhere)

Anna is another full-time explorer on our list. Her account is a perfect mixture of urban adventures and nature expeditions. Anna also collaborates with other famous travel bloggers in order to provide her followers with the best possible content. She loves posting selfies with cute animals she meets on her journeys. Follow her and you’ll be able to enjoy unique and exclusive content on a daily basis.

Matt (@ExpertVagabond)

This dude is probably one of the best travel bloggers on the Internet right now. He’s been doing this for the past 5 years now and he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Matt is always trying to portray the most exotic places all around the globe. From the hot and humid Mayan ruins in Mexico, all the way to the cold Northern lands. One of his most successful moments on Snapchat was when he managed to capture the mesmerizing Northern lights in Norway.

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Tom (@TravelTomTom)

If you want to experience the fun and exciting “behind the scenes” adventures of a successful blogger, you should definitely follow Tom! This guy uses his Snapchat profile to show what happens before and after those perfect artistic photos he posts on his Instagram account. Tom captures himself on various adventures. From sleeping in 0-stars hotels, to drinking cocktails and climbing high mountains. He leads a marvelous life and he loves to share bits of it with his followers.

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