5 Photo Composition Tips That Every Photographer Should Read

Photo composition depends on how experimenting you are as a photographer. In the photographic world a little change in the photo composition or perspective can turn a very normal photo into something extraordinary.

5 Photo Composition Tips

You must have heard a lot of rules for composing and framing photographs from various pro photographers in serious tones.

My goal here is to tell you some simple and straightforward tips that will help you no matter what kind of photography gear and gadgets you have.

To learn about these tips, keep reading:

Tip #1: Keep the rule-of-thirds in mind.

This is a primary rule that you must have heard before. Without a balanced frame the picture you shoot won’t look pleasing to eyes. All cameras have an option to turn on vertical and horizontal lines on the screen to help you compose a balanced image.

The theory of this rule states that an image can be more satisfying if main parts of the view are positioned on these lines.  Like any other rule, this may not be applicable in some situations but it does help a lot in creating an attention-grabbing composition. Avoid placing the main element of the scene just in the center of the frame always.

Tip #2: Explore all angles.

It is easy to capture pictures from one angle but that’s not what it takes to have the best possible pictures.  Try shooting pictures from different angles.  You can sit or even lie to capture an image with a low angle. Try wide angles like panoramas.

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Keep the leading lines in mind and try to frame within the frames. Take pictures while holding the camera above your head. Explore as many angles as you can. Changing the position of camera angles and framing the view in unique ways makes all the difference in photo compositions.  For this purpose, a camera with an LCD screen is very useful. If you have one that tilts, that’s even better.

Tip#3: Have a minimalist approach.

You don’t need to include too many elements and subjects in your pictures to make your photos look great. Sometimes it confuses the viewer.  Why not just keep the minimalist approach in mind as well. Shoot some images in which there is one subject and some negative space to balance the frame.

Tip#4: Experiment with motion.

Taking still images is not so difficult.  Try to add some movement in your photo compositions.  You can do it in many ways. If you want to shoot a subject which is moving, for example a bus going on the road, shoot with a slow shutter speed.  With some practice you will be able to focus on the bus sharply with a blurry background, giving it a sense of speed.

Tip #5: Break some rules.

Photography has many rules to guide photographers. These rules help them to avoid mistakes but creativity is something which requires more than a set of rules.  These rules have become important because they are commonly in practice from years.  You don’t need to stick to the rules you follow all the time. Extremism in this case can make your photos very dull.

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You must understand the fact that photography is a free medium and you are not bound to explore ways that inspire you to shoot images. So, have courage to look beyond these rules and do try something different.  Who knows you will compose a picture that will make other photographers follow some new rules.

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