5 iOs 10.3 Features You Should Try Out Now

Recently Apple has released iOS 10.3 version of its latest operating system iOs 10.0. As always, with the update, a number of noteworthy updates have been introduced to boost user experience. It happens to be the last major update for iPhones and other apple devices before the mega big iOS 11 roll out next month.

iOs 10.3 Features

5 iOs 10.3 Features You May Have Missed

Though, iOs 10.0.3 hasn’t introduced any major change, a few minor  iOs 10.3 Features that you should aware of are listed here:

1. Apple ID Profile:

With this update, you will see a new profile section at the top of the settings menu. The section will accommodate all your account information. Clicking on the profile, users can access their iCloud, iTunes, App Store and Family sharing information in one place. Users can then scroll down to see a list of all the Apple devices linked to these accounts.

 2. iCloud storage breakdown:

This is another update to the OS specially helpful in finding out how you’re utilizing your cloud storage. Clicking on the iCloud option in this new profile section opens up a graph that shows details about your storage hogs. The graph explains your storage details in device and program-specific breakdown detailing. Ideally it shows how many gigs of storage are being used by each.

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3. Find your parked car

With this update, iOs brings ‘parked car’ feature to the OS similar to Google Maps. The feature will now let you know the place where you parked the car. All you need to do is to open the Maps app and search for “parked car” to see where you parked it.

4. Weather in Maps

The update adds a new weather feature to Apple’s Maps app to let user have a glimpse of the weather on the go. A tiny weather bug to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen will display the current weather conditions in that area user is in. In case you want to check a seven-day breakdown of the weather, just 3D touch the weather bug or continue holding to open the weather app in a new screen.

5. App compatibility status

This is another key iOs 10.3 Features. There may be the case that your phone has a few apps that have stopped receiving updates. They could be making your phone sluggish slow. This latest update brings you a feature that will help you identify such apps.

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Click on the ‘About’ option on General settings. After sometime, you should see an arrow appear next to the number next to Applications if you have any non compatible apps running. Clicking onto it further navigates you to the App Compatibility page where these incompatible apps are listed.

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