5 Great Reasons to Buy Nokia 7.1 this Festive Season

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

If you are trying your luck with the latest feature packed smartphone this festive season, we will suggest you to bet on the Nokia 7.1. With ever advanced camera, jaw dropping design and trendy looks, Nokia 7.1 is true all-in-one beast.

5 Great Reasons to Buy Nokia 7.1

The article explains five irresistible reasons why this latest HMD product Nokia 7.1 should be in your good books.

1. Latest Android Software:

The Nokia 7. Is build around Android One operating system. This is what we think the phone’s USP. To note, Android One operating system is a pure version of the Android operating software, almost similar to the Android in functionality and features.

Only the camera app of Android One is different from the standard Android. A phone running on Android one gets guaranteed two years’ of updates and three years’ of security patches. Nokia 7.1 happens to be the first phone to upgrade to the latest Android Pie software.

2. A True Value Addition:

Nokia 7. 1 brings loads of features in your budget. Starting from reasonable storage capacity to active memory, and a brighter screen to twin cameras, the feature packed device offers best returns on your investment. (contd.:Great Reasons to Buy Nokia 7.1)

In addition to that, the Nokia 7.1 comes packed with features such as fast charging, next-generation processors and durable battery support. Claimed to be the pretty fast and responsive device, the phone has on board 3.5mm headphone jack, unlike some phones.

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3. Large Immersive Display. Uhh!

The Nokia 7.1 comes with a 5.84-inch bright and appealing LCD screen with relatively high resolution if compared with the flagships of same genre. The phone’s display doesn’t really cover the entire front of the phone but its notch does the work and stretches right to the top of the handset. Phones notch stretch ends at bottom to allow for a space large enough to fit the Nokia logo.

Phone’s screen is a HDR screen that makes video watching, say Netflix HDR Content a truly mesmerizing experience. With phone’s incredible display, gaming is a worthwhile fun experience.

4. Zeiss Powered Dual rear cameras

Great Reasons to Buy Nokia 7.1

When it comes to smartphone camera, no one can beats Zeiss. Thankfully, Nokia’s collaboration with Zeiss can be experienced with astounding photos taken with Nokia 7.1’s 12MP sensor backed up by a 5MP one. The camera can effortlessly produce strong photographic results in a range of lighting situations. (contd.:Great Reasons to Buy Nokia 7.1)

It’s camera is equipped with lifelike features such as photographic effects like bokeh that put your subject is in sharp focus and the background charmingly blurred. The phone also offers strong HDR capabilities to showing up objects in great detail in a bright sky and dark shadows at the same time.

Nokia’s special extra called Dual-Sight let users combine images from front and back cameras at the same time. A feature that’s amazingly handy when you’re recording for a gig and your reaction at the same time.

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5. Stunning Design in Low Price:

Nokia makers has developed Nokia 7.1 as a truly remarkable, upmarket and stylish device. The phone can mesmerize you with its glossy back and chamfered edges that feel as smooth and attractive. Phone’s edge is ultimately colour-matched to the back, but with a matte finish. (contd.:Great Reasons to Buy Nokia 7.1)

Nokia 7.1 flaunts a beautifully curated gleaming strip of aluminium where front and back meets. Phone’s rear portion houses multiple elements in place including the cameras, flash, fingerprint sensor and Nokia logo.

Great Reasons to Buy Nokia 7.1

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