5 Different Ways to Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Website

For a lot many of real estate websites the majority of the landing pages are just the listing pages that have been indexed by the various search engines. Landing pages or the listing pages are a good entry point into a particular website.

And as a Realtor you would here want as many people as possible to view the properties being listed on a specific website as only then it would help you in making a sale.

Ways to Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Website

Thus the pressure of a good search engine ranking tends to become really very high. Here are the five different ways you could generate leads and traffic for your real estate website.

Sharing Listings on social media:

Sharing your real estate listing on your business page like Face book, twitter LinkedIn and Google plus helps you gain a great visibility among your followers as well as one in their circles. However do not over use these channels and come across as visibly commercial.

Writing a blog posts on homes you are planning to sell:

A real estate listing could easily represent hundreds of listings at a time, and there is no doubt that a few properties that the Realtor has been motivated to sell.

One of the best ways to secure traffic towards your website is to write blog posts.

Each and every blog post that you write should here be targeting on a specific property address that the home buyers would here be searching for using on Google.

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The address would here become keyword so follow all the SEO practices such as using a keyword in meta description, title, content, file name on photos, alt tag on photos and many more.

Get a mobile site:

Today a more number of individuals have been using smart phones to information over the internet. It’s good that you be where ever your audience is, so try and get responsive real estate website which is not just mobile friendly but would also help you in generating leads.

Using paid search advertising:

Pay per click is one of the best ways of driving traffic towards your website. Though the real estate industries have never used pay per click ever before, we would highly recommend it for the ones whose websites are relatively new and yet not ranked on the search engine.

The good side of pay per click is it gives these projects instant results but the bad side here is you would pay for every visitor who is visiting your website.

Adding social media sharing buttons:

Social media share buttons like Face book share, twitter re-tweet are one of the best ways to enable the visitors of your website to share content with their friends and colleagues.

Listing syndication:

This is one of the best ways of syndicating your listings with a real estate website like zillow.com, realtor.com and many more.

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These are websites that could help you driving traffic and leads in hundreds of thousands along with the amount of exposure your website could get by syndicating your listings with them is unprecedented.

To conclude above are the six major different ways you could generate leads and traffic for your real estate website without search engine listings. All the above mentioned listings are free unless and until you outsource them or use software in order to execute them.

Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Website

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