5 Best Text Rewriter and Content Creation Tools

If you want to get smooth progress from your digital business, the most important factor is content creation. You must have to keep an eye on the content you are going to publish to protect your business from any harmful effects.

In this digital era, content is the core of every business. You can’t even imagine surviving in this world without providing unique content.

The main question that comes in this dimension is how to write unique and engaging content. There are multiple factors that restrict a writer to get this task done.

If you are also having a hard time in this regard, this is where your research for the solution comes to an end. There are multiple tools that you can use in this regard if you don’t want to rewrite a blog manually.

In this blog, we are going to show you some best tools that will enable you to rewrite blogs and articles.

Why a text rewriter has become an important tool?

Before we show you our best tools, it is important to learn why a text rewriter has become an essential tool. While using the internet, you have seen that there are millions of results available when you search for a query.

It is common to have some duplication while you are writing on the same topic. Another reason for getting duplication is writing multiple blogs on the same topic.

Being a writer, you have to write multiple articles on the same topic. In such a case, it is almost impossible to avoid plagiarism.

Due to all such reasons, it has become compulsory to use a rewriter and get your duplicated work into unique dimensions.

Best text rewriters for removing plagiarism

For a writer, it is not an easy task to find the best tools when he is looking to create content. Are you also facing problems in this regard? Here we have done some hard work for you and enlisted the 5 best rewriting tools.

We have researched a lot and analyzed hundreds of tools to design this list. You can read a brief description here in the following sections for a better understanding.

Let’s get started to have an in-depth overview of the best article rewriting tools. You will definitely find the best as per your article’s requirements.

1.  Articlerewriter.net

If you are looking for a comprehensive article rewriter, you must give this tool a try. The reason is its simple interface and fast working.

By using this rewriter, you won’t have to worry about the meanings of the original content. It is because the tool has been designed using AI technology that will help it to understand the meanings of your content first.

Also, you can customize your rewriting by using different working modes. In simple words, if you want to change words from your sentence, you can switch the tool to Word Changer mode.

Similarly, you can select Sentence Changer or Plagiarism Remover as per your article’s requirements. To use this tool, you only need to enter the text in the given box and click on the Rewrite Article button.

Furthermore, you can use this tool to rewrite articles written in more than 5 languages. It is a free tool that will not ask you for any kind of registration.

Due to all such amazing functions and efficient outcomes, we have placed it in the top position. You must use this rewriting tool if you want to get a unique text from the duplicated one.

2. Editpad.org

On the second position, we have a tool by Editpad.org. It is a comprehensive platform that is well-known for accessing different tools related to the SEO and writing field.

Among its other tools, you will find its article rewriter best and efficient. Like the above tool, it also has four different working modes.

You can switch to anyone as per the sensitivity of the content you want to rewrite. It will not take more than a few seconds to complete this task.

First of all, you have to choose the working mode and paste the content in the box labeled with Original Content. Once you have uploaded or pasted the text, you have to click on the Rewrite Article button.

The tool will show you the paraphrased content in front of the original content. In this way, you can easily compare the original and new content.

Along with this, you can also choose words that you want to exclude while rewriting. With this, you will be able to rewrite any educational document without changing those important words.

The only problem with this tool is advertisement banners. This is the reason why we have placed this tool in the second position instead of the first one.

Abide by this, you will find it a top-notch tool for rewriting your articles and blogs. You can use this tool freely without purchasing any subscription.

3. Freeseotool.org

Another rewriting tool in our list with its fast working is here. Freeseotools.org is offering a prominent number of tools for dealing with different tasks of the online field.

Its article rewriting tool is considered one of the best tools. The reason is its fast working and simple interface. You won’t have to be a technical field person to accomplish this task.

The only thing you have to do is to paste the text or article that you want to paraphrase. It will show you the output of your given text within a second.

You can download the file in the text as well as HTML format. In this way, it has also become an easy task to get the final copy on your device.

The biggest problem with this tool is its display. Like many other rewriters, you will not get input and output side by side on your computer’s screen.

It means that you can’t compare the original content with the paraphrased one in a simple way. Overall, you will find this tool efficient enough to show you productive outcomes.

4. Englishsummary.com

If you love to rewrite the original content manually but are unable to do due to insufficient knowledge, this tool is designed just for you. This article rewriter is not like others that will show you output on your screen.

By pasting your content, you have to click on the Generate button given just below the box. After this, the tool will show you a copy of your text just below.

Now, you can click on any word to get word choices. In this way, you can find the best choice for replacing it with the original one.

With this amazing function, you will also be able to learn how to rewrite the content. Moreover, there will be no need for proofreading because you have done it while selecting the words manually.

You might feel it hard to use this tool as it demands you to get some free time to let the task done.

5. Unboxhow.com

In the last position, we have a rewriting tool by unboxhow.com. It is also an efficient rewriter that will not change the meanings of your text but paraphrase it only.

You only need to understand its working to let the task done without having any problem. The designers have designed it with a user-friendly interface.

Therefore, you won’t need to follow complex steps. The only issue in this tool is the unavailability of input and output side by side.

In this way, you won’t even be able to get a preview of your work. Due to this unavailability, you need to proofread the article to eliminate any mistakes if you found.

Final Wrap

With the above discussion about the best rewriting tools, you might have found the best one. By using any of them, you will be able to generate a unique copy from the duplicated sentences or blogs.

In almost every tool, you will also get a grammar checker. It means that you will be able to check for mistakes without having any issues with the same tool.

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