4G Signal Booster By Booster Planet: Full Review

You are lucky if you’ve never had to deal with the frustration that comes from a dropped call or a lost signal in the middle of an important conversation. Really. This is not something that used to happen in the 80s. The reality is, even if you live in a busy downtown area, you might still have a reception problem.

4G Signal Booster By Booster Planet: Review

How does that happen exactly and more importantly, what can you do about it? We’ll get there in a minute. In any case, your best solution might be purchasing a cell signal booster in order to forget about that problem once and for all and surround yourself with a bit of comfort you deserve. Luckily Booster Planet has those devices in spades. But first things first, let’s see why has this trouble befallen you!

Reasons for poor signal

The list of reasons for a poor signal is not at all long. And we have to top that list with your location. You might just be too far from the cell tower. This is a valid explanation for having bad reception in remote places far in the countryside. If you want to find out for sure, there are apps to detect your exact distance from the nearest tower. 

Another reason might be physical barriers. This is especially true when your outside signal is just fine, but you have trouble with reception in particular rooms, sections of your house or place of business.

This happens because literally too much concrete, metal and wiring prevent the signal from reaching it. In each of these cases, you will need a slightly different booster to serve your needs. But first, let’s see what a booster actually is and how you can choose on correctly.

What is a signal booster?

No doubt you know what it does, right? It makes you happier! Yes, definitely, but let’s see how it works. Any kind of signal booster consists of 3 main parts: The exterior antenna (mounted on the roof of the building), which is designed to catch the signal no matter how weak and transfer this signal to the amplifier, which enhances this signal and transmits it to the interior antenna, usually mounted on the ceiling. The latter makes sure the strong signal is evenly spread through a certain area you need to be covered.

How to choose one?

As we mentioned already, Booster Planet can offer you so many different options. But before you start your search, there are several questions you have to ask yourself. 

  1. Do you want a booster to take care of your 4G or Call signal specifically or one that will work with any signal?
  2. Do you need a carrier-specific booster that will work on one frequency only (single-band) or the more universal option (dual-band, tri-band and so on)
  3. Location. Are you in a remote countryside, where you have a bad outside signal? Or is the outside signal ok and you need to enhance the inside reception?
  4. Coverage. What area do you need covered? 1000 sqft, a 10.000 sqft, or anything in between?

As all this can get a bit confusing, let us offer you a few examples of boosters for different combinations of the points above. So if you are ready, let’s get started!

Example 1:

Let’s imagine you need to boost the frustratingly unstable 4G signal in your apartment, that has great 4-5 bar signal outside. This Cell Phone Signal Booster for 3G/4G is a wonderful budget-friendly option in case you want it to work with all major US carriers and cover an area under 1600 sqft, which is great for an apartment.

Example 2:

In case you need the device for your downtown office, check out another Cell Phone Signal Booster for 3G/4G. If your employees complain about their 4G signal being too weak, this device will definitely solve the problem.

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It provides coverage of up to 3300 sqft and enhances both 3G and 4G signals from all US carriers, providing your staff with peace of mind and letting them focus on work. This is a valid option in case your outside signal is stable. If it’s weak, you can check out the same parameters in the Power Line section.

Example 3:

If you own a hotel in a remote location, and it gets barely any outside signal at all, you are going to need something powerful to take care of that problem. Obviously, not having a solid signal will mean huge problems for the business.

Check out this powerful model of Pro 3G & 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster. It will work with any US carrier, will enhance you Call, 3G and 4G signals, and will rocket your reception even if the outside signal is as low as 1-2 bars tops. Covering around 16,000 sqft, it will be enough for a medium-sized hotel.

Example 4:

If you have a boat, sail it frequently and worry about the poor reception, this Pro 3G & 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster might be great for you. It’s also carrier-universal and will give your small boat (up to 1600 sqft) the opportunity to be a phone call away from your family and your work. It’s equipped to enhance a poor 1-2 bar signal, so don’t sweat the outside signal too much.

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Example 5:

This All-in-One cell phone signal booster is another option for you if you have a fairly big house that gets a bad signal outside. This is the perfect booster for you if you need to boost your Call, 3G and 4G signals simultaneously over an area of under 3300 sqft.

As usual, working with all US carriers it will provide you with powerful signal enhancement. If your worry is mainly with the 4G signal, try out the Pro 3G & 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster. Having the same parameters, it’s specifically targeted for the 4G reception.

As we said before, the models mentioned above are just a few options of the big pool of opportunities Booster Planet provides for your needs. You can choose a device that’s right for your specific situation and will take care of the problem you’re experiencing.

In any case, all the products feature free delivery, 2-year warranty and a free return possibility within 30 days of the purchase. In case you need help choosing the perfect match, you can always contact the customer support line for more details!

Stay connected and forget about stretching your hand to the ceiling trying to find a spot with better reception. So take action, don’t look back and you’ll love the result!

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