4 Reasons Why Hotel Reviews Matter

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2020)

In today’s internet-driven climate, online reviews are a crucial source of information for people looking to travel and book accommodation. Even though some people may not book accommodation online, they will at least look at review sites and online travel agencies (OTAs) before making a decision. The rising use of smartphones to make travel bookings also stresses the importance of online hotel reviews.

Reasons Why Hotel Reviews Matter

Customers believe reviews are independent and hence trust reviews by other travelers more than they trust official business communication. While there has been an increase in fake reviews, which has reduced the trust consumers place in online reviews, most consumers still depend on online reviews to make travel decisions.

1. Reviews provide a fresh perspective

Consumers are not really interested in knowing what staying at your hotel was like three years ago. All they care about is what to expect if they book their stay with you over the coming weekend. Recent reviews offer an insight into the current state of affairs at your hotel and how you have improvised on aspects such as cleanliness, rooms, services, and amenities.

As a hotelier, fresh reviews give you an opportunity for a fresh start if older reviews were full of complaints and demand for improvements. If you do improve, fresh reviews will help you to get rid of the negative image.

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2. They help to increase the number of bookings

Although 76% of customer reviews offer valuable information, research has shown that a consumer only reads between six and 12 reviews before they make a booking decision. Suppose the customer reviews are not fresh and are from a couple of years ago; your chances of getting picked by a guest drop tremendously.

On the other hand, recent positive reviews show that you are still being visited by other travelers and will lure visitors into staying at your hotel. Positive fresh reviews really increase your chances of getting by a travel shopper.

3. It provides an opportunity for improvement

Unhappy customers can cost you dearly. And although 96% of unsatisfied customers do not complain, about 91% of the dissatisfied customers will just leave and never return. An unhappy customer will tell approximately 10 people about their bad experience.

You don’t want bad service to cost you, which is why you need to take note of customer complaints and work on a strategy to improve. Also, recent reviews help you to understand what is going on. For instance, fresh reviews about a new breakfast spread can give a perspective of how guests are liking or disliking it.

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4. Reviews help to boost search engine ranking

A keyword-rich review content can incredibly boost your SEO efforts. More customer reviews mean more keywords, and replying to reviews improves interaction. Reviews also play a major role in improving local SEO.


Guest reviews can help you attract new customers. It is a perfect way to gain consumers’ trust by showing the level of transparency in the service you offer. It also complements your SEO efforts.

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