4 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Prepare For 2018!

As the second decade of the twenty-first century moves on, we are being constantly updated on new and more effective marketing tactics. From past experience, we know that to succeed in the next financial year, we need to be prepared for new tactics.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

digital marketing trends 2018

The world of marketing has no doubt seen a lot of changes in the digital age. We’ve gone from text messaging a whole mass of people to selective marketing and personalized advertisement. However, there are new trends every few months, and we need to do what we can to predict them.

In this matter, the following list of digital marketing trends for 2018 might help:

1. The Generation And Talent Gap

One of the first things to start understanding about digital marketing in 2018 is the gap in talent. Most of the marketers in their respective positions simply have not been trained to work with the most effective marketing tools today. What this results in is an unsuccessful campaign, or worse, one the ruins the company’s reputation.

Classic marketing training just does not cut it anymore. If left unchecked, such marketers could end up pouring money into campaigns that don’t work, data that doesn’t apply, or forging ahead when they need to pivot. It is hence of the utmost importance that all marketers are updated on the latest digital skills. They need to know how to work with social media platforms, for one.

At the same time, younger marketers have a much stronger grasp on digital marketing concepts for the current age. Still, their experience is not vast enough for companies to hire them in place of their senior counterparts. So here, digital marketing would need a bridge between the two parties.

As a result, the best way out would be with the younger marketers being trained in the basics. They would then be allowed to practice their core skills in a modern and applicable manner. As for the older generation of marketers, they would need to hone their interest and talents in SEO, social marketing, personalization, content marketing, etc.

2. Personalization On Top

We’ve often heard the phrase, ‘content is king’, but don’t realize how much personalization is a part of content creation. Of course, every customer is different. One can’t hope to create a different kind of content for everyone. What we can do, though, is personalize as much as we can using automation.

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Online websites are now a must for any business who wants to make it big in the modern world. Websites are going to get more and more dynamic as the years go on. For instance, potential customers could visit a website and choose whether they are a first-time visitor or have been a previous customer. Depending on their answer, the website’s content would be tailored accordingly.

In this manner, a company can have a different message for different kinds of clients. This automation can help personalize in even more detail. Just one fun example is a page which lets customers customize their cookies in terms of flours, fillings, toppings and etc. before they place an order.

3. Value Of Content Developers

Content creation isn’t an easy skill to adopt or even find. It requires a lot of practice, experience, and training to produce content that is attention-grabbing, personal, unique, and adventurous. At the same time, one must be careful about producing high-quality content which is enjoyable and informative. Plus, a content developer must take care to ascertain that no one gets offended.

Companies hence need to invest in content writers and creators who can fulfill all of these criteria. The writing should not only be fluent, but their skills need to be flexible. After all, they have to attract audiences from all kinds of fields, interest, and niches.

A professional writer is nothing to sneeze at. Businesses need to realize that they have to offer very competitive salaries for writers who are at the top of their game. A good writer would pull in the reader, make a story, and relate to the customers at a level that is unrivaled by generic advertisements. It is thus important to invest as much or more in content development and creation as one spends on other forms of marketing and advertisement.

4. Making Influencers Out Of Customers

Social influencers are not born; they are made. The traditional way of thinking may be that an influencer gets approached by a company. However, it is absolutely possible that a company could actually make an influencer out of an existing customer.

When a certain customer is absolutely loyal to a brand, they can spread a lot of positive marketing for them. If the marketing department of that brand is smart, it would find a way to make that positive energy work for them. The best and most genuine way is to provide for the customers in order to make them happy and more sincere.

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In this manner, one customer could spread the word so far and wide that they generate a whole group of influencers. Since everyone is online and going live these days, anyone can make a video showcasing their love for a product. For instance, a foundation that stays on all day is likely to get picked up quickly by beauty bloggers. Even if the blogger is just starting out, they can get the message to a host of potential customers.

All this creates a sort of snowball effect. Companies can speed up the process by providing benefits and samples to those who would try out their product online. They could open up reviews, comments, and generally invite feedback. This is the time where people place faith in customer reviews and real-life experiences. Hence, digital marketing needs to enhance the public opinion in a positive direction.


The digital marketing trends listed above would hopefully help marketers to develop the best marketing strategy possible. There is still time to enhance the process on plans to use in the coming year. Hopefully, being aware of these trends would greatly increase the number of acquired leads, engaging content, connections, conversion, and customers which in turn increase your sales.

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