Revealed: 4 Blogging Trends You Will Witness In 2018!

Blogging is both an enjoyable and lucrative business. However, it is also an increasingly competitive one. When a viewer sees your blog, he has several other options presented to him with just another click. It is you, the blogger, who has to make changes and stay on your toes to retain your viewership and your rankings.

4 Blogging Trends In 2018!

In order to achieve the goal of viewer retention, bloggers have to keep up with the times. Blogging trends have changed a lot over the past few years, and they’re not done yet. Worry not though, as we’ve compiled some trends that are likely to be big in the coming year. Brushing up on these would make you able to get through to those who visit your site. You basically want to help your readers and viewers get what they want so they don’t go looking anywhere else.

1. Vlogging Within Blogging

As a blogger, you first want to capture the attention of anyone who comes across your site. There’s really nothing like a top-notch video for this purpose. With the right combination of content and effects, you could draw in a viewer and convey your message in no time. This would require little to no reading effort on the part of your reader.

Videos allow you to say a lot in a matter of seconds. Hence, a blogger should take advantage of this medium and strive to post videos regularly. Even if they are a mostly-text based blogger, they should consider converting some content into a video. This could further illustrate what they want to say and make sure the viewers are swayed by their input.

For instance, a cooking blogger could write very detailed recipes. However, not everyone has the time or attention span to read a recipe like that. The work may be appreciable, but it doesn’t take into account the very limited attention an Internet user possesses.

If the blogger makes a video of how the dish is actually made, it could gather a lot more views. With stop-motion and speedy videos ruling the Internet, viewers would also be more likely to appreciate, share, and try out the recipes themselves.

Creating good videos is not hard, even though good content takes a decent amount of talent. All one needs is a proper smartphone or webcam, along with some editing software. This is usually free and would only require some time to master. (Blogging Trends In 2018)

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2. Graphics, Charts, Pictures

Along with videos, illustration is a looming trend likely to expand into 2018. We have to face facts; Internets users want their information in easily digestible ways. They are not accustomed to reading large blocks of text, nor can most people retain information too easily.

The answer, along with videos, is to use as many illustrative methods as possible. Instead of writing n article about how to organize a closet, a colorful portrayal of a closet would be better. You can then add labels and information to strategic points of the picture. An infographic for a lot of information is also a good idea. This would make your content easily read, retained, and shard on various social media platforms.

With the rise of Instagram and Snapchat, moreover, the value of pictures and image has skyrocketed. This importance is only expected to go even higher come 2018.

3. Live Streaming

You may be able to edit your videos when vlogging, but a live stream is different. This medium is attractive to viewers partly because of its rawness. There is also the fact that live-streamed videos and social media ‘stories’ are a form of ephemeral content almost guaranteed to increase viewer interest.

4 Blogging Trends

This fad may be a passing trend, but it is showing no signs of letting up in 2018. Hence, you may have to pick a date and time and announce when you’re going live. At the same time, you should have some sort of contest, giveaway, or a Q&A session to capture the attention of your viewers. In a bushel, those following your blog should feel like they absolutely have to tune in so that they don’t miss something important.

Livestream takes away the facility of viewing videos whenever one wants. We are all guilty of saving and bookmarking videos but never actually getting back to them. No one can treat live streams with such careless. Obviously, this makes for a higher viewing and more influence for a blogger.

4. Focus on Content

At the end of the day, however, content is king. Make this your motto as a blogger in 2018, if not right away. This means that no matter how many colors you throw into your blog or how many videos you make, you still need to say something constructive. Of course, many people follow a lot of mindless drivel, but at least that drivel is marketed properly.

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Blogging Trends In 2018

Basically, bloggers need to engage with their viewers. They could use shock value, intrigue, suspense, humor, or downright crassness for this purpose. Of course, it is recommended that one stays classy and honest throughout their blogging journey. This doesn’t take away from the fact that one needs professional and high-quality content no matter what their message is.

Along with the quality of content, you would also need to make sure that your post it regularly. Once a week is usually more effective than every single day. Plus, bloggers are now finding that longer posts are more effective than shorter ones. This, of course, is only when these posts are spaced out within decent headings and points to boot.


Making your blog attractive and interesting to your reader/viewers is essential if you want to survive in the blogging world. However, some bloggers may not have the time or money to invest in following all the trends. Nor is it recommended that you change your blogging style too fast or too often. Leave a little room for visitors to settle and feel comfortable, and make the changes gradually.

At the same time, keep in mind that a blog needs constant and serious effort. You may not want to change the layout or design just yet, but you can focus on creating content. Quality content delivered in a quality manner is what matters most. Without this, no blog can really hope to succeed.

Blogging Trends In 2018!

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