360 degree cameras: The turning point of your life into a virtual reality


The most emerging way to access today’s media is the digital age that we are going through these days. The virtual world has started to become a reality. It does not matter if you are trying to explore a 3D virtual video or in a 360 degree you may be just turning your heads around, there is a new beginning of the entertainment era.


People may think that it is impossible for them to create their own VR content without those expensive cameras. You may also think that you may require a degree in video game programming but the days are gone and now what you need is just a 360 degree camera.

The 360 degree cameras are a new revolution towards the entertainment and they can take the video from all the angles, when you look at the output video, you will get a spherical shaped video. It is a kind of experience that makes you stand at the centre of the action. You can easily look around while watching a video instead of just looking at the fixed angle which was an issue till date.

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The 360 degree cameras are here with us since a long time but they were quite expensive but now with the budget priced and the virtual reality headsets like the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR, there is a difference in watching those videos now. The surround experience that you get through these gadgets can make you believe that you are yourself in the video.

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