2018 Jaguar F Type

2018 Jaguar F-Type: Beauty and the Beast within

The 2018 Jaguar F-Type is a world-class car in terms of engine capacity and power generation. However, a substandard interior and luxury do bring it down by some extent, when compared with its rivals.

2018 Jaguar F Type

Is the Jaguar F-Type a Good Car?

The Jaguar F-Type is a decent car. The engine capabilities are great and there is an engine choice for every kind of driver. The power generations are massive too. But it does lags in terms of leg room at the back and so does the trunk capacity, which does leave a lot to be desired.

Should I Buy the Jaguar F-Type?

As we all know, this particular segment is very closely packed. And for that very reason, this Jaguar does feature a little too down the list. The Porsche 911 is a much better overall package but is too expensive. And if Luxury is the need of the hour, there is no reason to look beyond the Mercedes Benz S class.

How Much Does the Jaguar F-Type Cost?

The Jaguar F-Type has a base price just under $60,000, just a shade under the Mercedes Benz, while the Porsche has too big a price. In this terms, the Jaguar F type base model is actually the cheapest of the lot.

Jaguar F-Type Versus the Competition

F-Type Engine:

The F-Type has a new engine in 2018: a 296-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder that puts out 295 pound-feet of torque. As you go higher in the variants, more-powerful engines are available. There are supercharged V6 and V8 options that puts out about 575 pound feet of torque. Easily making this car a beast on the highways.

F-Type Gas Mileage:

The new engine is the most fuel-efficient in the F-Type lineup, earning 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. These figures are decent in this segment, where 20 mpg is considered as par for the rest.

F-Type Ride and Handling:

The F-Type has the very type of riding that you would relate to a sports car of this category. The car is stable at high speeds. It seems to be pretty subtle around the corners too, having a good grip.

F-Type Interior:

The F-Type seats two people. The seats are comfortable, the headroom is ample but the legroom is too tight.

The interiors are decently designed too with a beautifully laid out dash complementing the overall look. The seats are sturdy and provide good bolstering.

F-Type Safety Features

This Jaguar comes standard with a rearview camera, parking sensors, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. Additional features include front parking sensors, rear cross traffic alert, parallel park assist, driver drowsiness monitoring, lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition, and blind spot monitoring.

Which Jaguar F-Type Model Is Right for Me?

The F-Type’s lineup is a bit more streamlined for 2018, and there are now five trims to choose from. They all offer a different variant of the engine too, so that would the first point of comparison. Later the trims could be compared to find the suitable model for your liking.

Jaguar F-Type

The base trim is known as the Jaguar F-Type, and it has a starting price of $59,900. It features a turbo-four engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. there are a few option packages to choose from. The Drive package adds blind spot monitoring, driver drowsiness monitoring, lane keep assist, and traffic sign recognition. The Climate Package 1 ($1,380) adds heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and a heated windshield.

Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic

The F-Type R-Dynamic starts at $79,900. It comes with a 380-horsepower, supercharged V6, and rear-wheel drive. Besides the larger engine, the main differences between the base trim and the R-Dynamic the difference in styling. Other than that you can add the climate package as in the F-type.

Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport

The F-Type 400 Sport features a 400-horsepower, supercharged V6 and has a starting price of $89,500. The other add-on packages and features are the same as in the other variants.

Jaguar F-Type R

The F-Type R is the one which offers a V-8 engine. All rest features are the same as in the 400 sport variant.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

The F-Type SVR is the one f-type which everyone actually dreams off. The most powerful of the lot, It features a 575-horsepower, supercharged V8 and has a price of $121,000.

The Final Call

The 2018 Jaguar F-Type review signifies ,is a decent enough car with V-8 engine and has a sporty touch. It showcases its full capabilities once it is on the highways. The V-8 engine is absolutely magic in such a scenario.

However, where this Jaguar lags is the interior and the designing. This is something where the Porsche is at an unmatchable level but is too much expensive. This brings the Mercedes Benz into the picture, and with the level of opulence and the sporty engine on offer in the Benz, it is anyone’s guess who provides you the most complete package of the lot.

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