139 Facts and Stats About Instagram to be Aware of in 2017

There was the world before Instagram. People did take pictures, and they did share them with their friends and families every once in a while. But since the introduction of the app back in 2010, with its snazzy filters and easy sharing options, soon we all became addicted to not only post pictures of our special moments, but to share every single detail of our lives—as irrelevant as it could be—, from a casual selfie to a cute doggie, to a pretty sunset, to a hipster food snap.

Instagram did not introduce the wonders of photo taking, but it certainly revolutionized the way we share them and enjoy them. Want to learn more about Instagram? Check out this new report from Website Builder

I’m not so sure Systrom and Krieger—Instagram’s founding fathers—fully knew the potential of the rough diamond they had on their hands, and that then, lucky for us, they decided to share with the world.

But they sure have known how to make the best of it! When first launched, Instagram was just a basic photo sharing app with a couple filters and limited editing options, but little by little, the platform has evolved into becoming one of the most powerful social networks today.

With over 600 million users by December 2016 and a handful of new features—video sharing, instant translation, image zooming, Instagram Stories, live video broadcasting, and much more—Instagram is without a doubt a complete photo sharing app on the market.

Not for nothing, it is used by millions of men and women from every corner of the world, numerous celebrities and public figures from Hollywood and even the White House, and let’s not forget about the many well-known brands like Nike and Nat Geo that think of Instagram as a spectacular marketing tool.

There’s a whole more to Instagram than what you probably know. Care to learn about it? A little bit of history, fun facts, stats… here’s everything you need to know about Instagram!


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