12 Home Business Ideas You Can Start to Make Money

# Last Updated On: May 18, 2021 #

One of the most effective ways to boost your income, save for retirement, or pay off a debt is to make some money on the side. The best thing about it is that you can keep your 9-to-5 job and simply invest some of your free time into increasing your income. The article covers 12 home business ideas you can start to make money. Read on to find the best business idea you can start from home right now

Home based business ideas are all over the internet. Many of them claim that you can make thousands of dollars your first month with very little work. These are the “business opportunities” to avoid. A legitimate business will require time and work.

Top 12 Home Business Ideas that Work

Home Business Ideas

On top of that, you can choose to do something you can do from the comfort of your own home and still leave yourself enough time to spend with your loved ones. However, not all side hustles are created equal and some of them can bring you more money than others.

If you’re struggling to decide which side hustle you should opt for, here’s a list of best home business ideas in 2020.

1. Blogging

If your enjoy writing, running your own blog can turn out to be an amazing home job idea. Not only do you get to do what you love, but you can also create your own schedule and post on days you’re not at the office.

Moreover, you can start a blog about your hobby or something you’re really passionate about. You probably already know what they say – “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

The best thing about it is that running a blog is now easier than ever. There are platforms such as WordPress that allow you to set up your blog with ease. Think about taking a writing course before you start blogging and you’re guaranteed to do well.

2. Online surveys

Not everyone is able to work a home job that requires much energy and effort. If this is the case with you, taking online surveys might just be the perfect side hustle for you. There are plenty of companies out there that need consumers’ opinion and they’re ready to pay people to help them out.

Taking paid surveys in 2019 is extremely easy, mostly because there are platforms you can use to connect with companies that need your opinion. Taking a survey doesn’t require any special skills and your full attention, meaning that you can do it while looking after your little ones or doing house chores.

Just bear in mind that home business ideas that work requires you to have a good PC with internet connection and headphones with a microphone as you’ll often be asked to review a survey you took.

3. Virtual assistance

Pretty much every online entrepreneur needs a virtual assistant. They usually have their hands full and need someone who’ll help them get their job done. As a virtual assistant, you’re required to handle their email, run their social media pages and other time-consuming tasks that simply need to be dealt with.

Like many other home business ideas with low startup costs, all it takes to become a virtual assistant is internet connection and a drive to succeed. However, having people and organizational skills is also a huge plus, as being a virtual assistant includes working with people you’ve never met before and sending reports on time.

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To increase your chances of getting hired, consider undertaking a virtual assistant training program and earning a certification.

4. Trade

Online trading is a work-at-home job you just can’t go wrong with. Just the fact that there are so many things you can trade with from the comfort of your home makes it an idea worth considering.

Some of the things you can trade with include stocks and forex. If you decide to become a trader, you can also use options to make money and increase your monthly income. If you’re into art, you can even try trading with artworks.

The most important thing to have in mind is that trading with any of these things isn’t as easy as it may seem. Most of them require you to do a lot of research before you start trading.

5. Tutoring

Another foolproof way to make money on the side and the best home business idea that work is to use you expertise and experience to help others acquire knowledge. And with the power internet, you don’t even have to rely on students near you.

Find a good online tutoring platform and you can start working from students all over the world. However, bear in mind that your salary will heavily depend on the platform you’re using and your educational background. Sticking to some of the world’s most popular online tutoring platforms is recommended.

To get started, you need a PC with strong internet connection and a good web camera. Also, most online tutoring companies will require you to do a video interview before you get started.

6. Domain sale

Every modern-day business needs a website. This also means they need a domain name that’s related to products or services they’re offering. Even though many popular domain names have already been taken, a lot more of them will be required in the future and you might just end up investing in ones that will increase in demand.

If you’re looking for home business ideas that work, this is a perfect opportunity for you as looking for quality domain names is like searching for hidden pirate treasure. If you decide to give flipping domain names a go, it’s recommended that you narrow down your focus and stick to the niches you’re good at.

7. Web design

If you have an eye for design, one of the best things you can do is start a career in web design. With more and more startups being launched, the need for web designers who’ll help them set up their websites is keeps increasing.

There are places online where you can find freelance web design jobs and work when you have enough free time. Deliver quality work and you clients will keep turning to you when they need some web design work.

If things work out, you can even look into the possibility of starting a home-based web design business and build a team of remote workers who’ll be assisting you. You don’t even need to invest in marketing since you can use your own website to showcase your skills and attract clients.

8. Product Sales

Do not let the “sales” word scare you! You can sell products online without ever talking to anyone. Use the power of the internet to help you sell. You can sell other people’s products or your own products with these home based business ideas.

9. Affiliate Programs:

With affiliate programs, you sell other people’s products by using referrals and links in your web pages and emails. Your web pages might include blogs, web site, or sales pages. eBay is a very competitive auction/sales site. You sell used or new items through auctions or as “Buy It Now” for a set price. You may want to start out with other auction sites with less competition.

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Own your own store without having to deal with rent and employees. With ecommerce, you build an online store and advertise. This is somewhat like an affiliate program because you will be selling other people’s merchandise, but you will do it as a store. You can also sell your own products.

Build your business about something that you love! Earn money with a website about your favorite sport, gardening, painting, party planning, kid’s toys, pet care… You name it, you can build it.

10. Services

You can make money from home with a service business. This is another one among the best home business ideas in 2020. Since services involve talking with people, you will need to be available during normal business hours and possibly some evening hours. Home based business ideas for services include:

Consulting –

Put your knowledge to good use by teaching others and making money at the same time.

Accounting –

Start your own accounting business instead of working for someone else. You will need some experience first. I highly recommend that you promote your service with online advertising and with a web site and/or blog.

11. Migrate to Online

Explode your current business – whether it is a brick-and-mortar business or a work from home business – by taking advantage of online traffic. Build a website or blog to draw traffic to you. Then, supplement with free and paid online advertising to draw even more potential customers to you.

You know what hours are required of you for your current business. The hours required to expand your business online are very flexible. You can work on websites, blogs, and advertising any time of the day or night.

12. Offline Business Ideas

Build an offline business from home. This post on SureJob is geared toward online home business ideas, but these business ideas can utilize a lot of information on expanding your business online.

Some home based business ideas include:

  • Concierge Service
  • Housekeeping
  • Daycare
  • Construction
  • Crafts/Homemade Products

The hours required for your offline business will vary depending upon the business you choose.  I highly suggest that you also promote your business online. See “Expand Business Online with some ideas” above.

Top Home Business Ideas for 2020 : Conclusion

These business ideas are not get-rich-quick schemes. To make your business successful, you must work at it. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Start your business off right by choosing a business that interests you.
  • Do your research on how to get started and then do something. You cannot succeed with your business until you take that first step.
  • Check out the other business tabs to the left above. Protect yourself and your business by following the business and tax laws.
  • No matter which category your business falls under, always protect yourself from scams by doing your research.

Building your own business is not easy but the benefits of being your own boss are well worth it.

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