10 Words that Enhance Trust in a Blog Post

What’s the main reason of writing an article on your blog? Among others, like sharing knowledge or gaining popularity, there is a stronger reason, and that is securing the reader’s trust.

This is an important factor to be taken into consideration if you want your blog to grow and expand. Remember that if the reader doesn’t trust you, he won’t buy or believe anything that comes from you. Therefore, while you are writing, you should focus entirely on this subject – building trust.

Now the following questions arise. How do I do it? How can I build trust? In the following article, we had assembled a list of 10 words that have been proven to build trust.

Keep in mind, that in order to build a firm trust between you and your readers, these words are not enough. There are a few more factors that must be taken into consideration so that trust may be established, like an authoritative tone, a valuable content, social signs, and an excellent reputation.

How to Use These Trust Words

You may add these words throughout your article. A short sentence written at the end of your article could increase your trustworthiness a lot. An example may be “Believe it or not. It’s true!” this statement creates a sense of assurance for the readers. Just the mere existence of these words throughout your text might boost the trust of your blog. Remember to use these words every single time you are writing an article. Just make them a part of your standard vocabulary.

Now let’s turn our attention to the 10 trust building words:

1. Trust

It’s not a surprise that the word “trust” increases trust. Whenever you want someone to trust you, before anything else, tell them that they can.  Just remember to use the word “trust” throughout your article. Every time you use it, make sure to change the subject. A few examples may be: trust us, trust me, trust the information, trust the company, and trust the research. As you can see, changing the subject is very important.

2. Fair Price

Whenever you are talking about prices in your article, make sure to tell your readers that the price is fair. Before buying anything, every individual may think… “Do I get a fair deal?” The answer should be obviously yes.

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Always let your readers know that everything they get from your site is at a fair price. And your goal is not to make money but to offer value. By doing this, the trust factor of your blog will be enhanced.

3. Caring

People want to feel respected and cared for. So, by using the word “care” throughout your text you will influence their subconscious minds in such ways that they’ll feel safe. Never underestimate this strong emotion of caring. A lot of people lack this feeling; therefore if you manage to offer them at least a glimpse of it, they will remain yours forever.

4. Quality

Whenever you hear the word quality, you get the feeling of assurance. You feel like you are on the point of getting a fair deal. People will give any amount of money if they sense that the product is of a high-quality. For example, if you are using a writing service for your blog, don’t forget to remind them to use the word throughout the text.

“Quality” is a strong word; therefore use it every time you get the chance.

5.  Competency

Whenever you use the word “competency” in your text, you are telling your readers that you know what you are doing – that you are a competent authority that handles everything with care. You “supply” them the feeling that they could count on you. As a result, they will start to trust you.

6. Apologize

Each time an error happens on your blog, make sure to take the time to apologize for the inconvenience. Being humble makes people trust you more. Just a few days ago, on my personal blog, there was a broken link, and everyone started complaining about it. Just a simple “sorry” was needed in order to calm the spirits.

7. Change

When you are telling your audience that you are changing something, this will automatically result in an increase in trust. That is because change means growth, even if it’s uncomfortable or difficult. By admitting that some parts of your blog need a revision or even a change, it shows that your main goal is to offer value. Therefore, whenever you feel the need to make a change on your blog, make sure to tell your readers about it and even ask them for feedback.

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8. Never

Even if the word “never” is somehow negative, if it’s used properly, it can have a great impact on your readers’ trust. Always use the word “never” when you want to tell your audience what you will never do or what values you will never break.  For example: “We will never neglect our customers.” Or “We will never release confident information”.

9. Always

When you are using the word “always” you are insufflating a sense of assurance and stability to your readers. When you are always taking care of something like the protection of their identity or the producing of consistent, high-quality content, people will offer you their trust much easier.

10. Privacy

Who doesn’t value his privacy? Therefore by reminding your readers that every detail about them is secured, they will have an easier time trusting you. Nowadays people put such a high price on privacy. So, in order for them to trust you, you must make them feel safe.


As a final reminded advice, next time you are working on your blog make sure that you remember to use all these terms. Keep in mind that in order to become an authority on a certain subject, you must achieve people’s trust. Therefore, make sure to give your audience a reason to trust you!

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