10 Virtual reality Trends We’ll See in 2020

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2021)

The blog post incorporates 10 virtual reality trends that will take the tech industry forward in 2020. The trends will remain visible in different domains say tech, education, and telecommunication, etc. It will indeed be a VR revolution that embraces the way we perceive technology.

Human’s ability to explore different numbers of fully immersive computer-generated worlds through the use of virtual reality-capable devices is increasing. The use of virtual reality is not only increasing for entertainment purposes, but industries are utilizing them as a way of simulating processes before taking on the final action.

10 Virtual reality Trends for 2020

10 Virtual reality Trends 2020

Over the following years, virtual reality is increasingly becoming sophisticated due to the innovation and advancements of technology.

As a result, handheld devices capable of virtual reality are becoming more and more powerful to provide users a higher-quality and almost realistic visual to help users fully experience and immerse themselves in virtual worlds.

Researchers and developers are always finding new ways to improve virtual reality technology for humans to make good use of virtual reality in their everyday lives.

Eventually, there will be more features than exploring and interacting with virtual space. Thus, here are 10 virtual reality trends we’ll see in 2020:

1. Digital Showcasing

Virtual reality headsets can be seen in stores as home entertainment products where consumers can use to have an enhanced gaming experience. However, businesses and marketers are also making good use of the innovation of technology in terms of 360-degree images and videos where you can interact.

Companies in the tourism industry are finding a way to allow a virtual reality showcasing where companies can virtually transport customers to showcase their services. For instance, a  virtual recreation of a hotel can enable hotel owners to showcase their amenities, local tourist hotspots reception areas, and rooms on their website.

2. High in the Sky

Custom virtual reality headsets are being tested for first-class passengers on British Airways so that they can fully enjoy the services of the airlines. The custom virtual reality headsets can provide first-class passengers the first-hand entertainment such as documentaries, movies, travel programs, and music concerts through the headset.

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3. 5G

5G mobile network technology is dramatically increasing the adoption of virtual reality in stores. The number of capabilities that virtual reality headsets could have with the help of 5G mobile network technology can allow for real-time rendering for immersive videos. In addition, there will also be shorter downloads and faster set-up times of the virtual reality headset.

4. Facebook Making Virtual Reality Accessible

Facebook is improving and strengthening its commitment to entertainment and gaming by making its standalone Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets possible accessible to larger audiences. Facebook already bought the rights to produce the VR version of popular games such as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed.

5. Education

Virtual reality technology is making its way into classrooms and will be increasing in the coming year to transform the learning experience of students. Further, technology is something that’s common to children nowadays, it can also benefit schools to improve how students learn by having them experience subjects such as history up close.

6. Distance is not a Problem

People will be using less of their phones and more of their virtual reality headsets to communicate with their loved ones and friends all over the world. Virtual reality headsets can allow you to communicate with each other as if they’re right next to or in front of you.

7. Enhanced Content Sync

Consumers in the following years haven’t been able to completely immerse themselves within the content of virtual reality because of bad content sync. Having enhanced content sync in the following year can greatly improve visualizations in industries by having high-quality visuals that may seem like it’s actually the reality.

8. In-Store Experience

Businesses should know that most consumers decide what they should buy while they’re inside the store. Incorporating virtual reality in the e-commerce industry by transporting consumers directly to the scenario of your store can provide consumers with a unique and innovative in-store experience.

9. Virtual Shopping

Virtual dressing rooms are also being developed to allow consumers to try any clothes on from the comfort of their homes to remove the hassle. With the connection to augmented reality, virtual furniture can enable consumers to see what the furniture looks like in their home before they confirm to buy them.

10. Consumer Entertainment Virtual Reality

The release of virtual reality a few years ago wasn’t really a hit and the adoption of virtual re4ality headsets in homes has been steadily increasing. Since researchers and developers are ongoing with the improvement of virtual reality headsets, they’re still trying to locate the sweet spot of the virtual reality headsets to create the killer application of virtual reality.

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The Efforts of VR Developers

Virtual reality developers are also trying to find a way to create a more accurate and realistic simulation of the real world through the computer-generated world of virtual reality. The reason being is so that consumers can have a more immersive entertainment experience to have an exceptional level of realism within virtual reality games.

Training Professionals

The use of virtual worlds to immerse practitioners into virtual environments to practice skills and professions from construction to military and to surgery without being exposed to the risks and dangers associated with real-life training.

For instance, Walmart will be using 17,000 Oculus Go headsets to train and enhance the skills of their employees ranging from customer service to compliance. Owners can even use virtual reality to train employees on how to use new technology being utilized in their stores such as Pickup Tower automated vending machines.


A lot of things can happen in a year in the industry of virtual reality. The innovation and advancements of technology are making virtual reality headsets better for consumers to feel fully immersed in the virtual worlds. Since there are a number of possibilities people could do inside virtual reality, trends will continue to increase in the following years.

That’s all with our list of top 10 virtual reality trends 2020 that would be setting the trends across the industry. In case you want to add a few more, do comment us in the comment box below.

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