10 Features of iOS 11 That You Might Not Like

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

For almost all the summer we have been testing iOS 11. At that time it was senseless to pay attention to the bugs and shortcomings, it seemed that everything would be fixed and removed at the final release.

10 Features of iOS 11 That You Might Not Like

The miracle did not happen; some bugs wandered from one beta version to another and eventually ended up in the final version of the system.

That’s what is wildly annoying in the new iOS 11:

1. Fast battery discharging

iOS 11 turned out to be unusually unoptimized. Fortunately, a lot of bugs of beta versions were eliminated, but still there were troubles with the time of battery life.

The rapid discharge of the battery after the update is noticed by almost all users. For some, the iPhone’s autonomy fell by half.

We hope for the improvement of these with the next updates, but for now – we need to use the PowerBank, so as not to remain without communication in the second half of the day.

2. Software limitations inhibit the soft

This primarily applies to wireless charging of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. To recharge the smartphone you have to buy a charging station of third-party manufacturers, besides you still need to wait for the iOS updates.

During the time of development and testing at Apple they have not decided on the parameters of the iPhone charger module, implemented software restrictions and were waiting for test results from the first users.

Now the new iPhones are charged without the wire extremely slowly. It is expected that through the next updates the limitations of the charging unit will be changed and charging will go faster.

3. No 3D-Touch running of the multitask panel

Why did they started a new way of switching between applications, and then removed it from the system?

Apple has already promised that the usual gesture would be back in the next updates, and for now owners of iPhone 6s / 7/8 will have to use the Home button more often.

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Thanks that other 3D-touch gestures and menus have been left.

4. System gaps

The final version of iOS 11 is only a few weeks in common, and hackers have already found vulnerabilities of the system.

One of them allows you to create a kind of profile-virus, which causes malfunctions in the system.

It is enough to download it by negligence to the device and get terrible issues with your iPhone.

5. Huge empty blocks in the application header

They tried their best to optimize the standard applications for the correct display on the iPhone X. But the islet at the top of the display is making its own adjustments.

iPhone X has not even appeared yet, and we are already looking at incomprehensible blank blocks in almost all standard iOS applications.

They could leave the same design for the previous smartphones.

6. Visual Bugs

Some owners of iPhone 7 complain about the periodic appearance of graphic elements designed for the iPhone X.

Most often, the lower bar slips, which is responsible for minimizing applications and calling the multitasking panel in the new model.

That’s not all. See how many small bugs occur when comparing iOS 11 to iOS 10, some elements of the system are not corny aligned on one axis or have a different appearance in different situations.

7. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cannot be disconnected through the control panel

The next thing is that iOS does not allow completely to disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules from the bottom curtain of the system. When pressed, only a disconnection from the active network or device occurs, and the module itself continues to process.

There is a trick that allows you to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth completely, but it’s convenient to use only on the iPad.

This is not a bug of Apple, such a shutdown of the modules is made specifically to not interfere with Apple’s proprietary services and do not break the connection with the connected accessories.

8. Not everything that was promised was added

We were closely watching the presentation of WWDC 2017 and were waiting for all the announced features in the first versions of iOS 11. Tim Cook and the company are slow to fulfill the promised, new features will appear in the next updates.

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At the moment, we have not seen the synchronization of the iMessage archive through iCloud, the music of friends in Apple Music and Apple Pay Cash.

The first two features are not needed, but the transfer of money through the messenger looks very promising. I would like to quickly test it, but so far Apple is in no hurry to provide us with this service.

9. There are no cardinal changes

So, they say that the absence of cardinal changes is a drawback. Apple was very cautious with iOS 11, especially for the iPhone. On the one hand, it’s good, because the users are already familiar with the system and do not have to understand it for a long time. On the other hand, you want something really new from the update. The new operating system provides only minor updates for embedded applications, such as Mail and Messages, and small changes in the design. In this case, the owners of the iPad can see more changes in the iOS, and the owners of the iPhone are sort of deprived.

10. Failure of several applications

The new iOS will not work with the 32-bit applications. If the developer did not bother on time and did not create the 64-bit application, then it will not be installed from the App Store, and the user will not even be able to find it while searching.

Apple itself writes off 32-bit devices. iOS 11 will not connect with iPhone 5 (2012), iPhone 5C (2013), iPad 4 (2012).

That’s the new iOS 11 frustrating and enrages every day; we are looking forward for a serious update with the correction of most of these shortcomings.

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