10 Best Pet Apps for Seasoned Pet Owner

Users who think that pet owner apps are designed just for fun are deeply mistaken. Special programs help in the training of puppies, in finding missing pets, and even provide an opportunity to develop a dog’s diet.

10 Best Pet Apps for Pet Owners

10 Best Pet Apps for Pet Owners

38% of dog owners in America are people under 30 years old, and it is they who use pet apps for Android and iOS most often. This review is dedicated to the most useful and fun apps for pet owners who have a special bonding with their favorite four-legged runners.

1. Dog Clicker Training App

This is a handbook app with which you learn basic commands, learn how to get rid of a puppy’s habit of biting, teach your friend to give a paw and bring a stick.

If you scroll through the comments, you can find a few laudatory reviews of professional dog handlers and hundreds of enthusiastic comments from ordinary users who took the first steps in pet training using the tips from this application. Here is Google play app and the app for iOS as well.

2. MyPet

This is an international app for animal lovers, where you can not only watch videos and movies with pets, but also learn everything about breeds, raising and caring for cats, dogs, horses, fish, birds, reptiles and many others.

In addition, as on allpetsexpert.com, there is a lively forum with questions / answers, a board with found and lost animals and constant votings for the coolest photos.

3. MapMyDogwalk

The mobile application MapMyDogwalk is a service for tracking dog walking routes and uploading them to the Internet. We all know that without enough physical activity, the life of dogs loses bright colors.

In addition, it has a fitness calculator. You will not only become a personal fitness trainer of your pet, but also be able to use the application for your own purposes.

After all, in fact, MapMyDogwalk is a simplified analogue of RunKeeper, Nike + Running or Up, customized for four-legged runners. This app is available for iOS and can be one of the best apple watch apps.

4. Whistle

This application works in conjunction with the tracker. It shows in real time where the pet is now and reports its pulse, weight and temperature.

Based on this information, the service also warns when and because of which the pet’s health may deteriorate – this may be necessary for owners of elderly and suffering from chronic animal diseases.

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This is one of the best dog control apps  since it works with 12 trackers. Here is an app for Android and an app for iOS.

5. PiP My Pet


This is an analogue of Find Face, only for animals. The application recognizes your pet’s face and can later look for it in photos or directly from the camera.

As planned, PiP My Pet should help you find a lost friend: you photograph an animal in advance, load parameters and a nickname into the database, and if trouble happens, press the alarm button.

Other users in your city receive an alert by which the camera can be used to identify the missing pet and return it to the owners. The idea is very cool, but it completely depends on the activity of the community.

6. iKibble

This is an encyclopedia app designed for dog owners. The utility contains information about how different foods affect dogs. The acceptability rating is estimated in the bones – in the absence of time, you can look at it without reading the accompanying text.

With this application, you definitely do not feed your pet something so that its health may suffer. This app is developed only for iOS.

7. Snapcat

If your pet has mastered the touchscreen and selflessly chasing a virtual mouse on the tablet, it’s time for him to move to a new level of using gadgets. Let’s teach your cat the newest way do selfie with the Snapcat app.

Now you don’t have to chase a tail mate all over the apartment, hoping to get at least one good photo for your Instagram! From now on, all the attention of the cat will be riveted to the red dot running around the monitor of the smartphone.

Every time when the soft foot will fall on the cherished “button”, the camera will capture the face of its owner.

The application integrates images into various social networks, so that the image of a talented and independent cat can be seen by all friends. Here is Google Play Store app, and this app is as well.

8. Crazy Cat

The uniqueness of the Crazy Cat app is that it allows your pet to play with you. To do this, you need a phone and a tablet with bluetooth. Thanks to this, you can control the funny animated characters that your pet should catch on the tablet screen.

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The system of scoring for each caught animal will help find out who has the best reaction and speed: you or your cat? This is one of the most amazing pet games apps so feel free to enjoy and Android.

9. BringFido

This is an indispensable application for travelers with dogs. Do you want to know in which hotels and under what conditions guests can live with dogs? Check out the BringFido.

Here you will find hotels all over the world, where you can stay together with your dog. Make sure to find out how to update apps on Android and and install this app for iOS in order to have the constant possibility of travelling with your pet.

10. Tindog

The name of this service is not just like the name of the popular mobile dating application Tinder. This service is built in a similar way and offers to meet the owners of dogs.

The owner installs an application on the phone, uploads his own photo and a photo of a dog to his profile, after which the service begins to offer options for dating on the principle of territorial proximity.

The user scrolls through the photos and likes the cutest profiles. When opinions are the same, people can chat and meet to go for a walk with their beloved pets. This is one of the most popular dog walking apps for Android and iOS.

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