A 2- Minute Guide On How To Measure Your Blog Success ?

You have started your blog with a bang and made big plans for it. You did all your best efforts to make it a huge success but lately you find that your blog isn’t matching your expectations. Many bloggers complain about the sinking popularity of their blogs and finally dump the idea to continue it [...]

How To Stop Facebook Video Ads From Playing Automatically

You might be one among those who are annoyed at recently introduced Facebook video ads that start playing as soon you sign-in to the Facebook. The only way to stop these video ads is to tap on it once. The good news is that you can disable this auto playing feature completely but only on [...]

Google Trends Rolls Out Email Notifications For Search Topics And Hot Searches

Google added email notification to its Google trends service today. The service will help users to subscribe to any search topic. The topic may include Hot Searches for any country, or any US monthly Top Chart. Users can now get updates delivered to their Inbox directly. While using Google trends users will see a new [...]

LinkedIn Crosses 300 Million User Base

LinkedIn, your favorite professional social network announced that the website has reached a milestone of 300 million user base and among them 100 million are based in the U.S. In a press statement released on Friday, senior VP Linked said that by the end of this year the half of the LinkedIn’s global traffic will [...]

Google Remote Desktop for Android: Now Control Your PC via Smartphone

It would be great news for mobile phone users having Android as operating system. Now Android users can access their PC desktop computer directly via their Smartphone or tablet. Google announces the launch of Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. It will help users to access files sitting on their home PC or Mac even [...]

Google Features Google +Post Ads, Promote Hangouts on Air and Automatic posts

Google is now expanding the test of +post ads, a new kind of monetization stream for Google+ that will help  brands to turn their Google+ content into display ads. In addition to this, Google+ is also unveiling two new features promoted Hangouts on Air and automatic post promotion. The brand new advertising format is available [...]

Google Updates Terms Of Service: Informs E-Mail Scanning For Ads

On Monday, Google updated its term of services to inform users that their outgoing and incoming mails now will be analyzed using automated software to create targeted ads. The update is an attempt to address the controversy raised when Google software started scanning users’ emails both for the mails on Google’s servers and mails on [...]

Basic Off-Page SEO Techniques

You have full control over your on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but not over your off-page SEO because other people can affect it too. Luckily, you can have an impact on your off-page SEO. Here are few ways you can have a positive effect on your off-page SEO. Create backlinks to your website This is [...]

Facebook Plans To Penalize Link Baiting. No Explicitly Asked Likes, Comments And Shares

Facebook, in an attempt to curb link baiting, announced that it will penalize organizations that ask news readers to like, comment or share a post. According to the Facebook it hurts the basic ideology of Facebook that is an ability to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. The practice [...]

US Regulators Warn Facebook And WhatsApp Against Privacy Policy Changes

US regulators warn social networking giant Facebook and mobile messenger service provider WhatsApp against any abrupt change in their respective privacy policies. The warning came after complaints made from several agencies who were concerned that post acquisition Facebook may update WhatsApp privacy policies. In a letter written to both Facebook and WhatsApp, the Federal Trade [...]